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Posted By Admin on 11/10/22 - Bookmark SexReviewed

Humans are creatures of fashion. From ancient times to the present, humans have experienced nakedness relatively to animal skins, furs to cotton and linen, brocade, and all sorts of fashionable means for not only cover our bodies, but also to beautify our appearance.

Sex doll dress up should not be considered a waste of time or money.

First of all, if you buy a super realistic life size TPE sex doll from uxdoll.com, the manufacturer will include a wig. However, if you can change the wig to your liking when you need to change it, this is a great way to enhance the beauty of your blonde sex doll and change its appearance.

Different wigs bring a variety of aesthetic pleasure is beautiful, like curly hair TPE doll, afro hair TPE doll, short hair TPE doll, gray hair TPE doll etc. When you want to buy a wig, you must pay close attention to the shade of the skin so that it will fit the sex doll well and improve its appearance.

Before putting a wig on a TPE doll, you must do a proper cleaning. In addition, depending on the fiber composition, wigs are maintained in different ways. Due to the fiber content and expensive price in human hair, unlike relatively cheap and easy synthetic hair, it needs to be adequately maintained (i.e. cleaned, sanitized and inspected).

Different types of wigs

Wigs are beautiful hairpieces made from human hair, animal hair or synthetic fibers. There are three main types of wigs suitable for sex dolls: forehead lace wigs, 360° front wigs and full head lace wigs.

Forehead lace wig

This particular wig is popular and it is called a frontal lace wig because it gives the illusion that the hair is growing out of the scalp with a natural hairline. It has an almost invisible lace material to which the hair is individually attached.

360° front wig

The 360° front wig is very similar to the front lace wig in that it has all the features of the front lace wig, except that the lace material is added around the entire perimeter of the wig to make it look more like a natural hairline appearance with the illusion of a full scalp, and it also allows the hair to be tied into a ponytail.

Full head lace wigs

Unlike the front lace wig, the full head lace wig has a base made of lace that allows it to fit all heads. It allows you to see your scalp when parted and also allows you to make your hair in different colors and different hairstyles, hence, it is also the most expensive.

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Posted By Admin on 11/01/22 - Bookmark SexReviewed

First. What is A cup TPE sex doll, is it solid or hollow?

If you want to know how it feels to use a realistic TPE sex doll, first we have to understand how sex dolls are, sex dolls are different from inflatable dolls, they are solid and not hollow. A cup TPE sex doll is usually made of TPE/silicone and has a real 1:1 ratio of human being. Height from 140cm sex doll to 171cm sex doll.

Second, how realistic is A cup TPE doll?

The current dolls have been able to achieve the appearance and the real person is not too different, premium TPE sex doll skin tone glossy and delicate, better than the real person’s skin.

Three, Is A cup TPE doll cleaning trouble?

Good brand, high quality sex dolls, easy to store, and also easy to clean.

Four, Is A cup TPE doll flexible?

This is also the standard for evaluating how it feels to use a realistic sex doll, a good sex doll is very flexible in use, the body has a mechanical support inside, can meet a variety of sexual positions, feel the real experience of ML.

How does it feel to use a skinny sex doll, but also to see if it has an automatic heating design, like uxdoll sex doll body temperature can reach the same body temperature as the real person, enough realistic. There is even a vibration sensor in the small abdomen as well as voice to make exciting real-life interactive sounds.

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Posted By Admin on 10/05/22 - Bookmark SexReviewed

Sex dolls are not only love companions, but also life partners, many doll owners will give the sex dolls makeup, like smiling tpe sex doll, Japanese sex doll. They will also take the Anime sex doll out to activities around, but many owners simply do not have the basic common sense of makeup and take out activities.

For all the doll lovers friends science and maintenance of sex dolls – makeup / activities.

I. Makeup

Use olive oil or makeup remover oil, universal olive oil for makeup removal, generally in the doll manufacturer – uxdoll.com will give away for free, but also for you with, very practical, if you have a life size TPE sex dolls, you can prepare. Removal of makeup is very good, but not skilled that should not easily wash eyebrows, because few people can continue to draw eyebrows.

In the beginning, it is recommended to use lip gloss or other products. After you are familiar with your white skin sex doll, you can draw eyes, eyelashes and other places.

Second, the activity

Currently, the skeleton of the sex doll is not universal, the chubby fat sex doll with different skeleton of skinny sex doll, which means that it is important to clearly ask the range of motion, if the joints is broken, it is very troublesome to send it back for repair. TPE is very resistant to tearing and can be pinched and grabbed easily, but please remember to always trim their nails and prevent marks on the doll. Usually after accidentally leaving nail marks on the doll, it will bounce back on its own after a period of time. If a silicone doll is used, then uxdoll recommends not pushing too hard because silicone is usually inelastic and the scars are irreversible.

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Posted By Admin on 09/02/22 - Bookmark SexReviewed

You have to admit that the market of sex toy items is growing rapidly, from nothing to a lot. Today, this market is growing and more part of it depends on the growth of sex toy brands, and sex doll brand uxdoll is one of them.

uxdoll sex dolls are by no means inflatable dolls! Inflatable dolls are generally 2-3 pounds, each use before the need for inflatable, filled with four or five minutes after the passion has long faded, plus the material of such products is inferior, easy to age, easy to deformation, many products will generally have an extremely pungent smell of chemical materials!

But uxdoll brand of sex dolls are different!

Its appearance is highly realistic, the height can be 1.4-1.8 meters, weighing about 15-90kg, the outer layer is made of medical grade TPE material, this material is environmentally friendly, safe, non-toxic, but also easy to clean, high flexibility, no pungent odor and other characteristics, with a variety of styles, from chubby TPE sex doll to skinny sex doll, from A cup sex doll to huge boobs sex doll, there are all kinds of. So popular with the majority of consumer groups sought after!

It is understood that this brand in the sex doll market has been quite popular, especially after the EU certification, the product is sold to Japan, France, the United States and the United Kingdom and other places. “We focus on the field of sex dolls, but at the same time desperately want to get rid of the word doll, each product is purely handmade and refined, we also only do the most artistic adult products!” uxdoll brand leader said so.

In fact, this kind of toys belonging exclusively to adults, its appearance is no accident, from the ancient wooden utensils to the current sex dolls, is the desire and catharsis in human nature, but also an instinctive release of passion.

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Posted By Admin on 08/30/22 - Bookmark SexReviewed

In fact, silicone and TPE are produced in the adult industry very much, they both have common and different points, thanks to uxdoll.com, which has been engaged in the production of sex dolls and sales for more than 10 years, for providing us with the information. After reading this article you will make a better choice when buying a full body size adult sex doll.

The same points of silicone and TPE: no irritation to human tissue, non-toxic, no allergic reactions; in contact with body fluids as well as tissues in the process can maintain its original elasticity and softness, not be degraded, is a fairly stable inert material.

Advantages and disadvantages of silicone in sex doll materials: Silicone processing and molding is easy, easy to carve the shape, no internal holes. Silicone can withstand temperatures of up to 300 degrees. The disadvantage of silicone is that the molding cycle is relatively long raw and materials are expensive.

In terms of silicone sex dolls feel, silicone toughness and elasticity are very good, not easy to permanently be deformed by external forces, and the feel will feel smoother. Non-toxic, tasteless and colorless, harmless to the human body, while the general counterfeit silicone products are difficult to achieve these results.

TPE material sex dolls advantages and disadvantages: TPE is an environmentally safe material, can be used for adult products, tableware processing, etc. Warm water and ordinary soap can be cleaned, but not high temperature cleaning. TPE for sex dolls is a super soft material, the price is relatively cheap than silicone.

TPE is environmentally friendly soft material. The hardness of TPE can be adjusted to be softer than silicone, which is an ideal raw material for the production of adult products. Some formulations of TPE adult products may be a little sticky feeling, but also a certain smell, and uxdoll doll promotion of super realistic Premium TPE Sex Doll is a good solution to this problem.

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Posted By Admin on 08/21/22 - Bookmark SexReviewed

Some of the common damages such as scrapes and tears that sex dolls can suffer during their use, for repairing such damage, we have obtained authoritative answers from uxdoll, a well-known website in the field of realistic premium TPE sex dolls.

For TPE dolls scrapes and tears can take these few methods to repair such damage.

Use TPE adhesive

After finding the tear, use a pointed tool to apply a small amount of TPE glue. Then, pull the two sides of the tear together and hold it for a few minutes until it is completely closed. Before applying the adhesive, make sure the damaged area is completely clean, you can use 70% isopropyl alcohol cleaning solvent for this cleaning.

Use a spatula to apply the TPE glue evenly to the inside of the tear. Avoid getting too much TPE glue on the spatula as it will cause too much glue to spread to the skin of the doll. After sealing the tear, wipe off the excess glue with a clean cloth. Avoid removing the glue with your fingers as it will cause unwanted marks on the doll. Finally, just leave the doll alone for 24 hours.

Use a heat gun to smooth out any scuffs on the doll’s surface

The first thing to do is to clean the damaged surface of the doll with petroleum jelly or baby oil. In addition to cleaning, they allow for more even heat distribution. After applying the baby oil or petroleum jelly, start aiming the heat gun at the damaged area.

Pay attention to the distance between the heat gun and the doll’s skin, don’t put the gun too close or it will cause serious burns to its skin, keep the distance at least 10cm. the melting point of the premium TPE sex doll is about 110°C. Once it starts to melt, you will see a mirror-like glaze, when to stop depends on the smoke generated from the heating.

After heating to the appropriate temperature, take a clean cloth and gently wipe the surface of the doll’s irregular scrapes, repeated heating and cooling several times will make the damaged areas smooth. It is worth noting that the temperature of the heated surface will drop very quickly. Therefore, you need to eliminate the wear and tear as soon as possible after you stop using the heat gun.

If you are not sure about repairing your best deals chubby fat sex doll alone, then contacting a professional online TPE sex doll website is a good option before attempting the repair. For example uxdoll.com, they offer free and professional consultations.

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Posted By Admin on 08/19/22 - Bookmark SexReviewed

For buyers who want to buy full body size TPE sex dolls, it is necessary to have a comprehensive knowledge of adult TPE dolls.

We learned comprehensive doll knowledge from uxdoll.com, a professional brand in the sex doll industry, and have summarized the following helpful content. Next, we will give you the knowledge of TPE sex doll material and care.

About the skin material

The latest adult TPE sex doll material is refined from a new polymer material TPE, this material is non-toxic and tasteless, hardness below Shore A0 degrees, tensile strength of more than 6 times. With real skin-like smooth and delicate, soft and elastic. In line with the relevant safety standards, the human body, the environment are not toxic.

About the skeleton material

TPE sex dolls are equipped with very flexible metal joints inside the body, which can be used in a variety of poses within a certain range. Super real feel TPE sex dolls are manufactured with internal skeleton joints that are reinforced, and the joints are durable.

Notes for TPE dolls

1, Please do not scratch the surface of the TPE sex doll with sharp instruments, can not be kneaded to avoid damage to the skin of the TPE sex doll surface, affecting the use of time and beauty.

2, Avoid wearing clothing that is easy to lose color or poor coloring techniques, or TPE sex dolls with substances containing ink to avoid contamination your best love TPE sex dolls.

3, Do not put your favorite ultra realistic TPE doll in direct sunlight for a long time, easy to cause skin aging, affecting the use of time.

4, TPE sex dolls can not be placed for a long time in a high bending position, so as not to make a long-term deformation of the skin in a certain place due to stretching and damage.

Well, today’s guide is here, I hope it will help all guys who are about to purchase and own a super real TPE sex dolls. Thanks to the help provided by uxdoll, uxdoll has the best sale silicone TPE sex dolls, the coolest erotic smart sex dolls, and the most affordable price quality TPE love dolls.

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Posted By Admin on 08/01/22 - Bookmark SexReviewed

Now many people have heard of Sex dolls, but most people have not used the full body size adult TPE sex dolls, so how does it feel to use a super realistic sex doll? Today to share some uxdoll.com doll buyer’s experience and feelings.

Buyer A
I think the advantages of sex dolls are very much. First of all, it is ultra realistic and beautiful, in reality such a beautiful woman may not even look at me, but sex dolls can meet this desire of ours, not only to have her, but also to be with her and have sex! I bought a lot of clothes for my favorite romantic sex doll, often let her play different roles, experience a different kind of stimulation, using the experience of a word, great!

Buyer B
My sex doll purchase time is a little long, when I bought it, the joints still can not move so flexible, although the use of experience is also quite real, touching the feeling is also very good, but not moving for more positions or a little regret, this is considered a small disadvantage of her it. I decided, now start saving money, next time I want to buy better, the joints can move freely.

Buyer C
I am very satisfied with the experience of using sex dolls, the only regret is the weight, at present it seems that sex dolls can not avoid the problem of weight, want to be real and beautiful, then you have to put up with her weight.

Buyer D
I’ve bought cheap ones and expensive ones. The cheap one may not be considered a sex doll, but a semi-physical one, which was a poor experience and was later lost. Next purchased a uxdoll.com sex doll, this time it was quite beautiful and super realistic, a star lookalike, very nice, I was very satisfied and the experience of using it was excellent.

Purchaser E
If you can, buy sex dolls, try to choose the one that can be heated, so that the experience will be better in the winter time, oh! I bought this sex doll head is very delicate! Such as aesthetic, beautiful! As for the use of experience, good, I am very satisfied, the only regret is that she can not talk, some often thinking, if she can become a real living person how good it is!

The sex doll using experience is very great, she is very beautiful, sexy, hard not to let people like, plus the material is very soft, comfortable to touch, the key parts of the extreme simulation of real people, the use of a very good feeling and very close to real women. In any case, she will be silent company

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Posted By Admin on 07/24/22 - Bookmark SexReviewed

What is a real sex doll? This problem has been plagued by many adult sex doll buyers, we can check online to find many similar pictures, there are realistic workmanship and rough. The made materials are include plastic, inflatable, TPE, but also silicone, so what does a real love doll actually look like?

The so-called Solid Sex Doll, we should also be able to guess from the name of the roughly, the entity is a solid sex doll, they are filled by TPE or silicone material, and have the same shape and function as the real person. These type of sex doll is the industry’s commonly known as adult sex dolls.

In terms of appearance, silicone and TPE sex dolls are solid products made of inverted mold, the fine degree of mold determines the quality and realistic of the sex doll, and the majority sex doll lovers of care most is also the appearance, which is the long-standing feelings of people, beauty everyone loves. At present there are several well-made solid doll manufacturers, we recommend uxdoll.com, you can also search the Internet to understand more.

Functionally speaking, the mouth, pussy, anal, and breast function are not a problem for these life size sex dolls, and there are also very flexible finger joints, oh, fingers can be bent in any position, you know.

In terms of price, the price of high quality small and medium-sized full body size sex doll range from a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars, the height of large high simulation sex doll are varies from 1 m-1.7 m, the price ranges from 600 dollars to more than 20,000 dollars which are depending on the material.

So why is the entity sex doll is more beautiful than the real person, because these online hot sales sex dolls are produce according to the perfect model, from the face to the body, it is designed according to the perfect proportions of the human body. After forming the mold, it will again be finely hand polished and carved.

Uxdoll is the source of solid doll design. Through the concept of professionalism, focus and ease of use to create a professional one-stop physical doll design produce and sales service. uxdoll’s brand vision is like a shadow, silent companion, uxdoll will accompany every sex doll user’s side.

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With the increasing demand for using life size adult TPE silicone sex dolls, sex dolls are now made more and more beautiful and attractive, more and more seductive, and the details are becoming more and more realistic. There are innocent angelic looking plus devilish body sex dolls, there are also sex dolls with bewitching eyes that exude the charm of seducing people.

Types of sex dolls, we refer to uxdoll.com online sex doll store classification, roughly divided into: innocent girl, petite, queen, wild, cute, mature, etc., so many types of perfect body love dolls, I believe that everyone can choose their favorite dream sex doll.

How to use sex dolls
The use of full body size super real sex dolls is roughly divided into the following three steps: before using, using, and after using, please see the detailed explanation below.

Before using the sex doll, you should have to disinfect and clean the sex doll, and apply lubricant to the vagina of the doll. When using sex dolls in order to keep sex dolls vagina inside with enough lubrication, you must use lubricant, if you do not use lubricant, sex dolls vagina is not lubricated enough, may lead to sex dolls vagina extrusion and rupture, and you also will feel uncomfortable. If you wear a condom with enough sufficient lubrication, then it is okay to not apply lubricant.

Sex dolls in the process of use, you need to follow the precautions and rules of using the doll, and the posture of the sex doll, not more than the movable range of the doll’s joints, otherwise it will cause irreparable damage to the doll.

After using the sex doll you need to clean the inside of the doll’s vagina with water and disinfect the sex doll, disinfection method refer to the first step. After the disinfection of the sex doll is complete, use warm water to clean it again, then use a towel to dry the interior and surface of the sex doll, or dry naturally, and finally save it in a cool, dry and ventilated place for the next use.

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Posted By Admin on 07/13/22 - Bookmark SexReviewed

On how to store sex dolls, its core element is concealment! There are many ways to store a life size sex dolls, if you have a large space at home, you can open a separate room for your attractive TPE sex dolls, or take a separate closet to put your love doll. You can also buy a special doll sofa, you can put the lifelike quality TPE sex doll in and lock it up, disguise an ordinary sofa and so on. All of the above are more commonly used storage methods, in addition to this, you can also enjoy your imagination to find out more perfect ways to store dolls.

More than the storage place, many doll buyers may be more concerned about how to properly store their high quality super realistic sex dolls.

When we are storing our sex dolls, we must follow the correct way of storing them, because incorrect storage is likely to damage your sex doll and cause unnecessary damage.

Recommended storage methods

1. Hanging
Hanging is a very good way to store sex dolls so that the skin of the doll will not be subjected to any compression. We can use the home closet, hangers to hang, you can also buy special sex doll hangers. This type of storage requires a certain amount of space in your home, as it requires a separate space for the sex doll.

2. Lie flat
If your home environment is not suitable for hanging sex dolls, then you can use the lie flat storage. This method is suitable for most sex doll users, and most doll users are stored in this way. When storing dolls lying flat, it is best to add a sponge under the doll body, you can also use a pillow instead, in short, to use something softer, so as to better protect the sex doll from damage.

Storage taboos
1. Sitting position
This type of storage is wrong. If you let the sex doll for a long time to keep sitting, may be lead to leg cracking due to their own weight problems, if you must maintain doll at a sitting position, it must not be too long, the doll sitting position for more than a day, you need to let her lie down.

2. Standing
Sex dolls are not suitable for standing for a long time, even with the standing function of the solid TPE silicone doll, but also should not be kept standing for a long time. When standing, the solid silicone doll’s own weight will all be concentrated on the soles of the feet, it is easy to cause the soles of the feet to crack. In order to avoid causing unnecessary damage to your doll, it is advisable that you do not try to let the doll stand for a long time.

The above advice from uxdoll.com on how to properly store sex dolls, hope it could give doll users help.

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Posted By Admin on 07/11/22 - Bookmark SexReviewed

A sex doll is an adult love doll used to simulate female or male behavior. It is a doll that looks and feels real to like a people, and it is sometimes purchased as a model, hand-me-down, movie or TV prop or dress-up doll.

Here we will take a deeper look into the process of making full body size adult sex dolls, thanks to the great assistance of uxdoll online sex doll store for this article, so that we can have a clear understanding of the process of making sex dolls.

Generally speaking, the production of sex dolls is divided into three stages.

First, the basic skeleton and frame of the sex doll is assembled. Then, a polyurethane (PU) material, which is the main body material, is attached to the skeleton and coated with silicone or TPE, and finally, the body is deburred and painted. Of course, there are many details in the production process, so here is a brief description of only a part of the collection, because the process needs to be very fine, so we will not expand on the specific.

Then comes the reduction of excess burrs on the doll skin. It is necessary to use scissors with curved tips to smooth out the uneven surface with the correct technique, while cleaning. Also, silicone or TPE is prone to scratching due to the nature of the material itself. Therefore, this is also a complex process, in simple terms, using scissors to remove burrs.

Next is the hair, generally hair is a wig set, of course there are also implants of real human hair, hair implants are hand sewn. While paying attention to the overall balance, a special needle is used to sew the human hair on the sex doll head one by one. Then give the doll face, lips, eyebrows and eyes very fine makeup, sex dolls are finished by hand finishing, artisans rely on a wealth of experience, according to the buyer’s requirements. So, it usually don’t have exactly the same sex doll.

Finally, the doll is produced and polished by the combination of mold and 3D scanning to create a soft figure and clear facial contours. If you close your eyes and run your hands over the doll’s skin you can’t even tell the difference from a real person. A real feel life like full body size sex doll, when you see the price, you will think it is very expensive. However, if you know that the doll was goes through a variety of fine processes and craftsmanship after a 3-7 working days production cycle, you may think the price is surprisingly reasonable.

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For most realistic life size tpe silicone adult sex dolls, their weight will vary and some of them are not very light, as far as I know, the average weight of a full body size love doll averages from 13KG to 46KG. The specific weight is depends on the height and body type size, tall and chubby fat huge boobs wide ass love doll usually more weight than short slim thin flat chest sex dolls.

If your hyper real sex doll weighs under 25KG, then it is easy for you to move and put into different postures. Most of the love dolls are able to be hung up but you need to be aware that not all dolls are the same. The actual feeling of the doll holding can be much heavier than the same weight of real women because the weight focus of the doll is fixed, it cannot be adjusted according to different postures.

If your life size tpe silicone sex doll can supports standing by herself, you can let her stand on the skateboard to the bathroom or anywhere else you want to move. Or, put your hands under the doll’s armpit, let the doll’s feet on the ground, then to pull the doll. It’s also a good way.

The Princess hug is very practical and labor-saving. You can also let the doll sit before to move, put the doll’s hand upon your neck, then hug the doll up to the place which you want to move to, I think this is the most labor-saving way for moving a life-size doll. For more sex doll guides and purchases, please visit uxdoll.com.

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Wearing wigs of different styles and colors on the same face will show different beauty and personality. When purchasing high-quality life size hyper real tpe silicone sex dolls, several different styles of wigs will be presented with the dolls, which are suitable for matching different styles of clothes and scenes.

Of course, the doll wigs also need to be well cleaned and maintained. Normally, it’s enough to wash the wig every few months. But it is worth noting that wigs cannot be washed by a washing machine, they must be washed by hand. And after cleaning, it can not be exposed to the sun, nor to use a hairdryer. Now we will introduce some tips about how to care the doll wigs(The example wig and tpe love doll are come from uxdoll.com shop)


Prepare a basin of clear water, water temperature should not be too high, warm water is the best, put a little shampoo in the water. Then hold the wig with your hands until the wig is completely submerged in water. After soaking for about 5-10 minutes, gently rub the wig with your hands, remember not to scrub it hard. Then rinse the remaining foam with clean water. In order to wash the residual shampoo thoroughly, it is best to change several basins of clean water. After that, take out the wig gently and hold down the water, in order to prevent the hair from being messy, please remember not to force it to twist.

Next is the drying:

Prepare a clean dry towel, distribute the wig into the towel, fold the towel in half and wrap it around the wig, press it gently and forcefully, so that the towel can absorb as much moisture as possible. Washed wigs are best to place on the wig rack, or on the table or stool, put it in a well-ventilated position, natural air-drying hair.

Finally, how to place the wig:

If the love doll wig is not worn for a long time, it is better to keep it in a box. If you want to keep the shape of the wig unchanged, it’s better to buy a special shelf for the wig, put the wig on the shelf, and then put the shelf inside the dust bag, so that the original hairstyle of the wig can be unchanged and dust can be avoided. Remember not to put the wig under clothes or other heavy objects, which is easy to let the wig deform.

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Posted By Admin on 04/15/19 - Bookmark SexReviewed

Want to own a Chinese life-size tpe silicone sex doll In New York, which is the best way to shop? I think shopping from an online sex doll store is the best way, compared to buying from a local store, online shopping can provide you with more different types of choices and even personality with customized service. Shopping online also comes with the most discreet shipping service, that means, no one will know you have purchased a realistic tpe adult love doll.

Normally, for the same quality and the same material, a life-size sex doll that comes from China is cheaper than the others. Why does this happen? That is because most of the tpe silicone adult sex doll factories are all located in China, larger scale means lower cost, and as you may know, the labor production costs In China are also relatively lower than the US. So, shop a Chinese tpe silicone sex doll online, you will get an equally high quality real feel Asia love doll with a more cheaper price.

Although you are shopping online we also completely enjoy the right of buyers protection policy. For example, a realistic sex doll online shop UXDOLL.COM, there is this buyer protection right on top of the site saying that you are guaranteed to get a full refund if by chance you do not receive the order, Or, should the product ordered be not as described, you get a full or a partial refund depending on the circumstances.

For the new launched advanced premium tpe sex dolls, the site even offers you premium TPE material made samples for free if you will bear the freight charges. And to top it all, if your sex doll were to be damaged during transit, you will be compensated with a brand new realistic sex doll. So, where to buy your favorite Chinese quality tpe silicone sex doll? I think you already have your answer.

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