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Posted By Admin on 07/13/22 - Bookmark SexReviewed

On how to store sex dolls, its core element is concealment! There are many ways to store a life size sex dolls, if you have a large space at home, you can open a separate room for your attractive TPE sex dolls, or take a separate closet to put your love doll. You can also buy a special doll sofa, you can put the lifelike quality TPE sex doll in and lock it up, disguise an ordinary sofa and so on. All of the above are more commonly used storage methods, in addition to this, you can also enjoy your imagination to find out more perfect ways to store dolls.

More than the storage place, many doll buyers may be more concerned about how to properly store their high quality super realistic sex dolls.

When we are storing our sex dolls, we must follow the correct way of storing them, because incorrect storage is likely to damage your sex doll and cause unnecessary damage.

Recommended storage methods

1. Hanging
Hanging is a very good way to store sex dolls so that the skin of the doll will not be subjected to any compression. We can use the home closet, hangers to hang, you can also buy special sex doll hangers. This type of storage requires a certain amount of space in your home, as it requires a separate space for the sex doll.

2. Lie flat
If your home environment is not suitable for hanging sex dolls, then you can use the lie flat storage. This method is suitable for most sex doll users, and most doll users are stored in this way. When storing dolls lying flat, it is best to add a sponge under the doll body, you can also use a pillow instead, in short, to use something softer, so as to better protect the sex doll from damage.

Storage taboos
1. Sitting position
This type of storage is wrong. If you let the sex doll for a long time to keep sitting, may be lead to leg cracking due to their own weight problems, if you must maintain doll at a sitting position, it must not be too long, the doll sitting position for more than a day, you need to let her lie down.

2. Standing
Sex dolls are not suitable for standing for a long time, even with the standing function of the solid TPE silicone doll, but also should not be kept standing for a long time. When standing, the solid silicone doll’s own weight will all be concentrated on the soles of the feet, it is easy to cause the soles of the feet to crack. In order to avoid causing unnecessary damage to your doll, it is advisable that you do not try to let the doll stand for a long time.

The above advice from uxdoll.com on how to properly store sex dolls, hope it could give doll users help.

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