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Posted By Admin on 07/24/22 - Bookmark SexReviewed

What is a real sex doll? This problem has been plagued by many adult sex doll buyers, we can check online to find many similar pictures, there are realistic workmanship and rough. The made materials are include plastic, inflatable, TPE, but also silicone, so what does a real love doll actually look like?

The so-called Solid Sex Doll, we should also be able to guess from the name of the roughly, the entity is a solid sex doll, they are filled by TPE or silicone material, and have the same shape and function as the real person. These type of sex doll is the industry’s commonly known as adult sex dolls.

In terms of appearance, silicone and TPE sex dolls are solid products made of inverted mold, the fine degree of mold determines the quality and realistic of the sex doll, and the majority sex doll lovers of care most is also the appearance, which is the long-standing feelings of people, beauty everyone loves. At present there are several well-made solid doll manufacturers, we recommend uxdoll.com, you can also search the Internet to understand more.

Functionally speaking, the mouth, pussy, anal, and breast function are not a problem for these life size sex dolls, and there are also very flexible finger joints, oh, fingers can be bent in any position, you know.

In terms of price, the price of high quality small and medium-sized full body size sex doll range from a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars, the height of large high simulation sex doll are varies from 1 m-1.7 m, the price ranges from 600 dollars to more than 20,000 dollars which are depending on the material.

So why is the entity sex doll is more beautiful than the real person, because these online hot sales sex dolls are produce according to the perfect model, from the face to the body, it is designed according to the perfect proportions of the human body. After forming the mold, it will again be finely hand polished and carved.

Uxdoll is the source of solid doll design. Through the concept of professionalism, focus and ease of use to create a professional one-stop physical doll design produce and sales service. uxdoll’s brand vision is like a shadow, silent companion, uxdoll will accompany every sex doll user’s side.

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