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Posted By Admin on 10/05/22 - Bookmark SexReviewed

Sex dolls are not only love companions, but also life partners, many doll owners will give the sex dolls makeup, like smiling tpe sex doll, Japanese sex doll. They will also take the Anime sex doll out to activities around, but many owners simply do not have the basic common sense of makeup and take out activities.

For all the doll lovers friends science and maintenance of sex dolls – makeup / activities.

I. Makeup

Use olive oil or makeup remover oil, universal olive oil for makeup removal, generally in the doll manufacturer – uxdoll.com will give away for free, but also for you with, very practical, if you have a life size TPE sex dolls, you can prepare. Removal of makeup is very good, but not skilled that should not easily wash eyebrows, because few people can continue to draw eyebrows.

In the beginning, it is recommended to use lip gloss or other products. After you are familiar with your white skin sex doll, you can draw eyes, eyelashes and other places.

Second, the activity

Currently, the skeleton of the sex doll is not universal, the chubby fat sex doll with different skeleton of skinny sex doll, which means that it is important to clearly ask the range of motion, if the joints is broken, it is very troublesome to send it back for repair. TPE is very resistant to tearing and can be pinched and grabbed easily, but please remember to always trim their nails and prevent marks on the doll. Usually after accidentally leaving nail marks on the doll, it will bounce back on its own after a period of time. If a silicone doll is used, then uxdoll recommends not pushing too hard because silicone is usually inelastic and the scars are irreversible.

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