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Posted By Admin on 08/19/22 - Bookmark SexReviewed

For buyers who want to buy full body size TPE sex dolls, it is necessary to have a comprehensive knowledge of adult TPE dolls.

We learned comprehensive doll knowledge from uxdoll.com, a professional brand in the sex doll industry, and have summarized the following helpful content. Next, we will give you the knowledge of TPE sex doll material and care.

About the skin material

The latest adult TPE sex doll material is refined from a new polymer material TPE, this material is non-toxic and tasteless, hardness below Shore A0 degrees, tensile strength of more than 6 times. With real skin-like smooth and delicate, soft and elastic. In line with the relevant safety standards, the human body, the environment are not toxic.

About the skeleton material

TPE sex dolls are equipped with very flexible metal joints inside the body, which can be used in a variety of poses within a certain range. Super real feel TPE sex dolls are manufactured with internal skeleton joints that are reinforced, and the joints are durable.

Notes for TPE dolls

1, Please do not scratch the surface of the TPE sex doll with sharp instruments, can not be kneaded to avoid damage to the skin of the TPE sex doll surface, affecting the use of time and beauty.

2, Avoid wearing clothing that is easy to lose color or poor coloring techniques, or TPE sex dolls with substances containing ink to avoid contamination your best love TPE sex dolls.

3, Do not put your favorite ultra realistic TPE doll in direct sunlight for a long time, easy to cause skin aging, affecting the use of time.

4, TPE sex dolls can not be placed for a long time in a high bending position, so as not to make a long-term deformation of the skin in a certain place due to stretching and damage.

Well, today’s guide is here, I hope it will help all guys who are about to purchase and own a super real TPE sex dolls. Thanks to the help provided by uxdoll, uxdoll has the best sale silicone TPE sex dolls, the coolest erotic smart sex dolls, and the most affordable price quality TPE love dolls.

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