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Posted By Admin on 09/02/22 - Bookmark SexReviewed

You have to admit that the market of sex toy items is growing rapidly, from nothing to a lot. Today, this market is growing and more part of it depends on the growth of sex toy brands, and sex doll brand uxdoll is one of them.

uxdoll sex dolls are by no means inflatable dolls! Inflatable dolls are generally 2-3 pounds, each use before the need for inflatable, filled with four or five minutes after the passion has long faded, plus the material of such products is inferior, easy to age, easy to deformation, many products will generally have an extremely pungent smell of chemical materials!

But uxdoll brand of sex dolls are different!

Its appearance is highly realistic, the height can be 1.4-1.8 meters, weighing about 15-90kg, the outer layer is made of medical grade TPE material, this material is environmentally friendly, safe, non-toxic, but also easy to clean, high flexibility, no pungent odor and other characteristics, with a variety of styles, from chubby TPE sex doll to skinny sex doll, from A cup sex doll to huge boobs sex doll, there are all kinds of. So popular with the majority of consumer groups sought after!

It is understood that this brand in the sex doll market has been quite popular, especially after the EU certification, the product is sold to Japan, France, the United States and the United Kingdom and other places. “We focus on the field of sex dolls, but at the same time desperately want to get rid of the word doll, each product is purely handmade and refined, we also only do the most artistic adult products!” uxdoll brand leader said so.

In fact, this kind of toys belonging exclusively to adults, its appearance is no accident, from the ancient wooden utensils to the current sex dolls, is the desire and catharsis in human nature, but also an instinctive release of passion.

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