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Posted By Admin on 08/01/22 - Bookmark SexReviewed

Now many people have heard of Sex dolls, but most people have not used the full body size adult TPE sex dolls, so how does it feel to use a super realistic sex doll? Today to share some doll buyer’s experience and feelings.

Buyer A
I think the advantages of sex dolls are very much. First of all, it is ultra realistic and beautiful, in reality such a beautiful woman may not even look at me, but sex dolls can meet this desire of ours, not only to have her, but also to be with her and have sex! I bought a lot of clothes for my favorite romantic sex doll, often let her play different roles, experience a different kind of stimulation, using the experience of a word, great!

Buyer B
My sex doll purchase time is a little long, when I bought it, the joints still can not move so flexible, although the use of experience is also quite real, touching the feeling is also very good, but not moving for more positions or a little regret, this is considered a small disadvantage of her it. I decided, now start saving money, next time I want to buy better, the joints can move freely.

Buyer C
I am very satisfied with the experience of using sex dolls, the only regret is the weight, at present it seems that sex dolls can not avoid the problem of weight, want to be real and beautiful, then you have to put up with her weight.

Buyer D
I’ve bought cheap ones and expensive ones. The cheap one may not be considered a sex doll, but a semi-physical one, which was a poor experience and was later lost. Next purchased a sex doll, this time it was quite beautiful and super realistic, a star lookalike, very nice, I was very satisfied and the experience of using it was excellent.

Purchaser E
If you can, buy sex dolls, try to choose the one that can be heated, so that the experience will be better in the winter time, oh! I bought this sex doll head is very delicate! Such as aesthetic, beautiful! As for the use of experience, good, I am very satisfied, the only regret is that she can not talk, some often thinking, if she can become a real living person how good it is!

The sex doll using experience is very great, she is very beautiful, sexy, hard not to let people like, plus the material is very soft, comfortable to touch, the key parts of the extreme simulation of real people, the use of a very good feeling and very close to real women. In any case, she will be silent company

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