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Posted By Admin on 03/12/19 - Bookmark SexReviewed

I swear it’s not even an hour ago when I ranted about a porn site with a really stupid name and had to check myself as it is probably silly for me to expect much more from people in the porn industry, to brush with a broad stroke, and then this site redeems them all.

Swallow Salon: Now that is cool, smart, descriptive and catchy. That’s how you do it!

And as far as doing it is concerned, this site is all about blowjobs, facials and swallowing cum and these girls sure know how to do it. I wonder if any of these girls ever feel any pressure that they might not be all that great at it? I mean, with so many other girls doing the same thing do you ever feel like it’s a bit of a competition? I hope so, it would mean that they would try harder and any guy loves a great blowjob, amirite?

You’ll be glad to hear that we are offering a discount for up to 50% off Swallow Salon for a limited time. It’s a great site, don’t lose out.

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Posted By Rhino on 03/01/15 - Bookmark SexReviewed

cum slut fucked in public

DeviantClip.com hosts a huge variety of clips, but this public sex scene with a sexy blonde girl and an older guy is fantastically arousing and deserves your attention.

They move all about the city, finding a wide range of places to get it on. He bends the babe over by the train tracks and fucks her as the train flies by, doing it from behind while she moans in pleasure. They fuck on a public street by a telephone booth as passersby slow their cars down to enjoy more doggystyle fucking. She gives a very public blowjob to make his dick throb and they later find their way into a small store where they once again start fucking. The exhibitionism on display is incredible.

Posted By Rhino on 01/27/15 - Bookmark SexReviewed

Naughty America Deal



  1. an inexpensive thing of poor quality.

Normally Google’s dictionary is spot on with its definitions. But today it is way off of the mark. Cheapoporn.com offers up inexpensive porn. That is not at issue here. Where the definition fails miserably is to insinuate that something must be of poor quality just because it is cheap.

Naughty America is the defacto standard when it comes to porn. They have written and rewritten the book on pornography so many times it is hard to keep track. Currently they are leading the charge with 4K HD porn with phenomenal results.

The http://www.cheapoporn.com Naughty America discount is flying off of the shelves so to speak. At $15 off the retail price you get this site for $9.95. That isn’t some access restricted password either. You get full access to the entire NA catalog and it is a doozey!

Posted By Rhino on 03/22/14 - Bookmark SexReviewed

lola mature bukkake session

One of the best ways for a woman to keep her youth is to keep to a regiment of bukkake sessions to rejuvenate her skin. Mature British babe Lola has been putting on her semen mask one cumshot at a time for a year now. She has noticed the lines on her face fading away while the lines queuing up to give her a cumshot facial keep growing and growing. Who wouldn’t want to drop a load on this mature babes pretty face?

BritBuk.com is the official free British mature bukkake site for the Amateur Bukkake network. There you will find a wide assortment of galleries and videos to watch for free. The pictures are in high resolution and contain plenty of facial action. The videos are often compilations of the hottest bukkake action for the week.

Get multiple British mature bukkake updates per week and keep going back for more!

Posted By Rhino on 11/05/13 - Bookmark SexReviewed

Teen Girl Picked Up And Paid For XXX Porno

You have probably seen this picture all over the net. It is probably the most used photo for peddling everything from webcams to penis pills. What you might not know is that you can watch the video for free online.

This is being made possible by a licensing deal between the guys at Bangbus and the guys at Real GF Porn. You might know of Bangbus, but Real GF Porn might not be that well known to you yet. It is a tube site that allows you to watch XXX porno movies for free because they use advertising to pay for the licensing. Just like normal TV shows do it.

There are videos in just about every genre known to porn. They got started with amateur sex tapes sent in by people just like you. Now it has really taken off because they also get videos from the publishers as well. You can get a sense of the different kinds of porn you can watch online by visiting their channels page.

After using this service I highly doubt you will ever want to view xxx porno movies any other way again.

Posted By Rhino on 09/17/13 - Bookmark SexReviewed


Have you ever wondered how porn stars are able to blast their actress counterparts with such huge cum loads? The truth is they use supplements like BlastXL to reach peak performance. With ingredients like Maca Root, which has been demonstrated to increase sperm count, BlastXL will help you to plaster your lover in your cum.

We all know that the best part about sex is the orgasm. The more sperm you shoot the better your orgasm feels. BlastXL’s proven formula of natural ingredients will make your orgasms more powerful and last a lot longer.

In addition to Maca Root you will find that L-Carnitine also not only increases sperm count, it increases blood flow to your penis. So not only will you be reaping the benefits of this powerful concoction, your love will as well. For women the more full their vaginal cavity feels during orgasm the stronger it will feel and the longer it will last. This is a true win-win for the both of you.

Read more about this all natural male enhancement product by reading this in depth BlastXL review. Once you have the facts you won’t be able to deny how much this supplement can change your sex life for the better!

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You probably don’t know what to think when you see this picture. What in the hell is going on here? Those shemales are way to fucking hot to be real shemales?!?!

If that is what you are thinking then you are right. These hotties with the big cocks are from Futanaria. A site so fucking genuine it created its own niche!

All guys have some mixed up feelings about cocks and stuff, this site lets you explore them without being… well – gay! After all, the chicks have big tits, they fuck each others pussies and there are no guys involved. So it’s OK to watch the Futanaria videos right?

Read the Futanaria definition to get a better "grasp" of this niche.

Posted By Rhino on 03/24/11 - Bookmark SexReviewed


Cum Blast City is the ultimate site for guys that like to give a girl a messy facial. Updated weekly the site features mostly amateur girls and a few pros now and then. Episodes can have one girl, two girls or more and they make sure everyone gets a satisfying blast of cum!

With your membership to Cum Blast City you also get access to their other sites like See Mom Suck and Club Tug. With all of the sites put together you get multiple daily updates and quite a few flavors of porn to choose from.

Take the tour and soak that bitch!

Posted By on 02/23/11 - Bookmark SexReviewed


I have to admit I love the fact that my youngest daughter who is in her early 20’s lives out of state, the main reason is that because she has to travel she always brings a friend.  After the first time this Grandpas Fuck Teens I came up with a plan.

Let me back track, I have a built in sympathy card because I am a widower, no easier way to get sympathy than to seem vulnerable over the passing of my soul mate.  Yeah right, she was a bitch, anyway when my youngest daughter came over with a friend close to when her mom had first past I was really distraught.  When my daughter fell asleep her friend came down since she heard me crying, after a little consoling she got to the point and said Grandpas Fuck Teens too you know.

Well that little life lesson has not gone for not, I am Grandpas Fuck Teens extraordinaire.  My daughter’s friends cum by to check on me often and here we are 5 years later and I am still grieving, =).

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Posted By Rhino on 02/11/11 - Bookmark SexReviewed


Sarah grew up like a lot of girls in America. She wasn’t the cutest girl in school and that really bugged her. Guys and “the hot girls” can be so fucking cruel!

She figured she’d show them up though. Sarah gave the guys at GirlsDoPorn.com discount a call and setup a date to… well… do some porn!

All of the GirlsDoPorn girls are amateurs. Each of them does porn for their own reasons. Some, like GirlsDoPorn Sarah, choose to do it because they want to break out of their homely girl shell. They want to  test themselves. Did Sarah pass the test?

I’ll say she did!

Other GirlsDoPorn girls need some quick cash, just enjoy having sex, like the thrill of fucking on camera and many more reasons. Whatever the reason, I am all for chicks expressing themselves!

Posted By Rhino on 01/04/11 - Bookmark SexReviewed

Privatecom Regina Ice and Lucy Belle

Privatecom Regina Ice and Lucy BellePrivatecom Regina Ice and Lucy BellePrivatecom Regina Ice and Lucy BellePrivatecom Regina Ice and Lucy BellePrivatecom Regina Ice and Lucy BellePrivatecom Regina Ice and Lucy BellePrivatecom Regina Ice and Lucy BellePrivatecom Regina Ice and Lucy BellePrivatecom Regina Ice and Lucy Belle

What can I say about Private.com? Well, they are one of the most respected brands in the UK. Not just in porn, I am talking about all brands, in all markets!

In America nobody is shy about reading Playboy. Guys discuss it at the water cooler. They bring the magazine to work in a lot of industries, such as oil rig workers, firefighters, loggers, etc. Why? Because nobody is going to fault you for… well… being a man!

In Brittan Private holds the same distinction. Everyone knows the Brits are a bit more open minded then their colonial counterparts. Hell, TV ads shows boobs in Brittan! So it shouldn’t be any surprise that Private takes things a lot further than Playboy ever has (and probably ever will).

There are 65 years worth of porn in the Private archives. No shit! They have been open since 1956! Some of you Mensa members are wondering about that extra year discrepancy… It isn’t their birthDAY yet. lol…

Private has the top models of the porn industry and hundreds of amateurs. They have crystal clear videos and don’t skimp on quality. They update the site three times a day just incase you eat porn for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

What you do in Private is up to you!

Posted By on 10/06/10 - Bookmark SexReviewed

Lexi Swallow

Ok I have to admit, I never promote this website.  Naughty America, the name just was never that catching so I ignored it…  Stupid me, just look at the quality of chicks getting fucked on this site.  Lexi Swallows and boy does she.

Click on Lexi’s pick above and take a look first hand, there are 4 sample videos that will make your computer messy.  So after you shoot through the tissue in you opposing hand, click to tour the site and there is another free video of Lexi at Naughty America.  It’s fucking awesome.

So after you have run your juices dry I am going to tell you the best part, Naughty America gave me this link “free access”, that gives you free access to this site for up to 60 minutes with no credit card required.  So feel free to jerk it for 59 minutes, because at the 60 minute mark you will lose access.

Word for the wise, after you free access has expired go back to the blog and join Naughty America on a trial basis for $1.95 you get 3 days and for $4.95 you get a week.  Good luck and happy spanking.

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Let me be first to congratulate Amy on a job well done, Teen Blow Jobs that is.  I’d definitely hire her, and give her a raise at least twice a week.

Watch as Amy goes from Teen Blow Jobs to getting fucked, you know that pussy is tight.  This dudes got a little cock , sure makes me feel good about myself.  so you know if little cock can make her scream we will make her cry for momma.

So go visit tiny pussy Amy at Teen Blow Jobs and make her cry for momma, het you never know maybe you can fuck her too.

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Catch all the Filthy Action!

To keep in line with the anal theme which it seems as if there is a fan, I bring you Kaiya from Oriental Orgy.  She is a little chubbier than you would normally see on this site.

Butt the beautiful thing about banging a chubby chick, and I mean a little chubby not grotesquely obese.  Is that they are a lot more self conscience and will let you do a whole lot more, this is not nationality specific.  Take Kaiya for example, she is still very cute but Asian chicks are normally very skinny with nice little curves.  Kaiya is a good candidate for if you want to take your Oriental Orgy anal.

Now if Kaiya was black or Hispanic she would probably be considered right size, if she were white she would be loved by black guys.  Yeah I said it, fuck being PC.  Bunch of self righteous bastards serving their own perverted needs, making it so that if you said something that’s not PC you are an outcast.  Sorry that is for another blog, back to Oriental Orgy.

Anyway I bring you Oriental Orgy so that you can get a different flavor while still bring you your love for the Anal, hey be grateful I could have brought you Gay Sex Resort, but then again maybe you would like too faggot (just fucking around still on that PC thing).  You choose your own path and should always be free to choose, as long as you are willing to pay the consequences (that was for our friends who sometimes commit crimes. 

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Allie was an unsuspecting little college teen who had no idea about what she was getting into.  Lucky for us neither did who was picking her up.  Allie gives a mean Teen Blow Jobs.

Teen Blow Jobs has over 2000 teens for us to choose from, whatever your pleasure there is a cutie to meet your need.  Allie is just a small taste of what you will enjoy at Teen Blow Jobs, whatever your desire there is a teen to meet your need.  Unless you are looking for an ugly one, no ugly ones here just sweet innocent little cuties.

Joining Teen Blow Jobs would a smart move, since paying $.66 cents per day is far better than paying $.99 cents per day for using the trial period.  But if you are unsure and you need to look around se the 3 day trial period option for $2.95.  So instead of Starbucks join, it will be the best cup of coffee you ever bought. 

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Oh yeah Baby, me luv Mr. Biggz long time. He have soo much cock fo me pusse.   Bella Ling is sitting on at least 8 inches of big black dick already, can she take the final 5 inches.

014 015

Oh yu hurt a my pusse with dat big black cock, Bella Ling no want mo bang bang in my pusse.  No No Mr. Biggz, dat too much’e cock.  Let me finish by sucke sucke.  My pusse too too sore.  Oh yu biggie cock tasta like Egg Roll, give me dat dim dim sauce.  Oh salty, Me licky salty dimi dim sauce.

Cum to Mr. Biggz land of the 13 inch cock, you will see Ramone and Mr. Biggz drill al your favorite little ladies with their 13 inch cocks and Shane Diesel with his fat 12 inch cock.  Enjoy the pussy devastation.

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