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Posted By Admin on 10/17/19 - Bookmark SexReviewed

Everyone has their own reason for buying a sex doll. But regardless of one’s personal incentives, we can all agree on one thing; that sex dolls are fantastic! That said, here are the top 5 reasons why buy a sex doll if you haven’t purchased one already.

You Get To Explore All Your Sexual Fantasies

Whether you are in a relationship or playing the single’s game, a sex doll allows you to fulfill your wildest sexual fantasies without having to involve other people and putting them in uncomfortable positions! Indeed, the use of a sex doll to explore your wildest sexual fantasies is much safer than doing it with uncooperative partners. It also makes you surpass limits you thought you never would before.

You Can Get Sex Whenever You Want It

So, your girlfriend or sex partner isn’t in the mood? Then don’t worry about it. Instead of logging into dating sites to hustle sex from random strangers, having a sex doll is the perfect way to release any pent up sexual tension.
It’s safer, and feels more realistic than masturbation!

For Companionship During Those Lonely Times

One of the main reasons why teenage sex dolls have risen in popularity today is because most people are buying them primarily for companionship. While this might sound strange, it actually has a lot of applications. Not everyone finds it easy to get a partner in life. And not everyone is having sex as the average person does. Therefore, they need a sex doll to fill up the emptiness that comes with being lonely. This is one of the reasons why sex dolls have such a realist feel these days. To help a few outcasted individuals cope with loneliness.

To Spice Up Things In The Bedroom

Are things feeling a little boring in the bedroom? Does she do the same thing every night? Well, this is your opportunity to spice it up. You can do this by stimulating threesomes in the bedroom, roleplaying, and making all your fantasies a reality!

Great for Perfecting Your Sexual Techniques

Another fantastic reason for buying a sex doll is that you can use it to perfect your ‘stroke,’ so to speak, in the bedroom. We’re talking about improving the little things that enhance your ability as a sex god. Your stamina, how you thrust it deep into your partner, and how to learn a woman’s body while pleasuring her. It will also give you the added confidence to approach a woman with a high sexual drive, which is a huge turn on!

Zero Risk of STIs or Pregnancy

One of the main reasons why most solo lovers or couples prefer to buy sex dolls is that they know there’s very little chance of getting an STI or getting pregnant. This means that you don’t have to worry about that annoying itch suddenly springing up in your privates, or some girl knocking on your door nine months down the line with a carbon copy of you. Sexdollslove.com brings the same sexual energy without all the problems that come with having sex with strangers!

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Posted By Karlie on 01/23/19 - Bookmark SexReviewed

If you’re a fan of hardcore kink porn, then you’re in the right place. Right now viewers can take advantage of this HouseofTaboo.com discount for 59% off. There are so many sexy fetishes covered by the sexiest stars in the industry. This isn’t a deal you’ll want to pass up. In fact, if you’re a good friend, you’ll spread the word.

Viewers can expect to find chain bondage with intense ass-fucking, forced oral creampies, spanking, and even getting pissed on and wild lesbian sex. The niches and categories are vast, so there’s sure to be something for everyone. You might even end up finding a few new turn-ons that you weren’t even aware of. Some of the kink appears to be painful, but that only adds to the excitement. You’ll get to enjoy amateurs just starting out and eager to learn, as well as seasoned pornstars you know and love like Cathy Heaven, Canela Skin, Simony Diamond, and the beautiful Alexa Nova. There isn’t another site out there offering such a wide variety of intense action anywhere.


Posted By Rhino on 10/01/15 - Bookmark SexReviewed


SoloFlesh is disrupting the male sex toy industry with their latest toy. We are going to break down four reasons why you need to get yourself a SoloFlesh and say goodbye to all other male masturbators.

Nothing Beats Cuddling Up To A Nice Warm Body

Lets face it, we all one somebody we can cuddle up with, even if it means having to have things like meaningful conversations, hers and his bathroom arrangements and giving up all but the tiniest of spaces in the closet. But what if you could have that warm body and skip all of the other bullshit? The SoloFlesh is filled with warm water so your cock feels like it is locked inside a wonderfully warm pussy!

Pussy Feels Like Nothing Else In The World

There is nothing else in the world that feels quite like pussy feels. It is why as men we are so ready to put up with yet more bullshit from women. But what if you could once again drop all of the bullshit? With the SoloFlesh you get the realistic texture and pressure of a sexy vagina without a bathroom filled with tampons and other feminine hygiene products. It truly is the best way to experience pussy.

A Real Pussy Feels Different In Different Positions

One of the nice things about having a “good” sex partner is getting into different positions. A girls pussy feels very different depending on the position the girl is in and the SoloFlesh has managed to capture this feeling too!

The SoloFlesh Is Easier To Maintain Than A Relationship

Sure women feel great in bed, but then you have to maintain a relationship with them outside of the bed and that blows. There really is no way to have it easy with them. It is like they are terrorists, always having demands and threatening to take away sex. Who needs all of that? Certainly not you. Not when a SoloFlesh is so easy to setup, so fun to use, is easy to clean and stores away in a small footprint compared to it’s working size.

Click here to see more about how it works and why you need one!

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Posted By Rhino on 01/20/15 - Bookmark SexReviewed

fetish sex toys nipple clamps

Believe it or not most women enjoy a little pain in the bedroom. They also like to give up trust to their heroic men and let them dominate their love making exploits. To revive your sex life with fetish sex toys you don’t have to spend a lot of money and you can get started with kits that will help you to immediately get more gratification from each and every encounter!

The www.onlinesextoys.co.nz guide is a free resource for you to study and put to good use if you are interested in adding some spice to your bedroom. Articles are written with both perspectives in mind when it comes to relationships with partners who are open to the idea of toys in the bedroom or close minded to it.

Get a jump on your Valentine’s Day shopping with a few fun items. Nipple clamps, anal plugs and vaginal inserts are inexpensive ways to put a little kink in your sex life!

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Posted By Rhino on 11/11/14 - Bookmark SexReviewed


Today we would like to discuss free gyno exam stuff. These days you can find tons of free gyno exam videos on tube porn sites, but these videos are mostly only 5 mins long and at very poor video quality. If you look for quality gyno exam movies in HD you better visit an ultimate gyno exam fetish site at FreakyDoctor.com or their associated gyno exam blog dedicated to this sort of thing.

There are many articles and posts discussing HD gyno videos and vagina exam gynecological videos shot in HD. So forget about poor quality tube videos. Moreover, when you signup and download from the official gyno site at FreakyDoctor.com, you get nothing but the best videos. Each video also has a set of HD pics of a bizarre gyno exams. An average photoset includes like 300 free gyno exam HD pics.

Have a look at awesome babes who are being treated by well trained elder senior gynecologist who knows how to handle young female patients’ pussies. Besides the physical exam you will see their explicit pussy check-up on the gynochair. The doctor loves to use speculum gyno tools to open girl’s pussies to the maximum. If you are interested in this kind of porn you will love this free gyno exam.


Posted By Rhino on 05/18/14 - Bookmark SexReviewed

Sasha Grey Cream Pie Pocket Pussy

Just what is that thing? That thing is about as close as you are ever going to get to actually sticking your dick into porn star Sasha Grey’s pussy. It is also the cheapest way to creampie a girl at less than twenty dollars. You can find this realistic masturbator on BoiBox.net, the cheapest place to find a wide selection of name brand sex toys on the Internet.

This sex toy super store allows you to browse for items without having somebody looking over your shoulder like the sex shops in the seedy side of town. The layout and design of the site helps you find the wildest toys to help spice up your sex life. There are always special offers running and right now they have a 30% promotion for all orders $49.99 and up!

No idea what to buy? Check the all products page where the default sorting method is by best selling. There you will find lots of kinky ideas. Explore the category pages to expand on their offerings. You can also use the search box to find many low cost options on high quality products.

As you might expect with an adult novelties store you products will always be packaged discreetly. Billing is handled through PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account to make purchases. It is possible to pay with a credit card or a debit card. Your billing information will be securely stored on PayPal’s servers.

Find the wildest sex toys for less money on BoiBox.net!

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Posted By Rhino on 03/28/14 - Bookmark SexReviewed


Women have been enjoying the sensations put forth by the Lelo vibrator company for decades. This luxury brand is well known for creating stimulating designs that don’t intimidate the beginning user. Now it is time for men to take part in the fun. The Lelo Billy Gentlemen’s G Spot Massager is the perfect way for you to tickle yourself silly when nobody else is around to do it for you. One word of caution though, having G Spot orgasms is highly addictive!

You can find the Lelo Billy and many more male prostate massagers at the Best Prostate Massager Guide review site. They have in depth reviews on a wide selection of male sex toys separated into those that vibrate and those that don’t. There is even a beginners guide video on choosing the right prostate massager for you.

Along with all of the good information on how to put yourself into G Spot orgasm land, they also have information on prostate health. Their review of the Sonic Prostate Massager, a medical device, is spot on. They let you know what to expect and how it can help you alleviate enlarged prostate issues.

Find the best male sex toys with honest reviews and informational videos that will help you find the product that is right for your prostate!

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