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Posted By Rhino on 12/16/11 - Bookmark SexReviewed

Whom amongst us does not like watching free videos? Whom ever they are, they need to be tarred and feathered… By some CFNM honeys like the ones above!

CFNM Show gives you insider access to what really goes on behind closed doors. In this free CFNM video the ladies decide to play with their male hairdressers cock!

All bets are off when three ladies think they can do with a guy whatever they want to. You’d think these bitches had never seen a cock before!

Get a pass and join in the CFNM Show!

Posted By Rhino on 06/08/11 - Bookmark SexReviewed


The girls are talking strategy for their next swim and diving competition, their coach is thinking about how great it would be to slip his salami into their tight coed snatches!

Pure CFNM explores the Clothed Female, Naked Male genre. Usually the girls aren’t wearing very much and the guys are caught in some embarrassing situations. Typical scenes will have a boy getting caught looking through a girls panty drawer, or spying on his sister and her friends in the bathroom.

If you like handjob porn this site is definitely for you. Many of us have probably been in these situations in the past and many more of us have jacked off many times wishing we could be caught by a hot girl that wanted to jerk our cocks!

Take the Pure CFNM tour!

Posted By Rhino on 11/06/08 - Bookmark SexReviewed

From the people that brought you sites like MILF Hunter and In The VIP comes CFNM Secret. The Reality Kings have tackled another niche and once again they have created a web site that rocks!

Clothed Female Naked Male has been around for a long time. Not many sites have tackled this niche because it is a hard one to handle. The Reality Kings were undaunted and I truly believe they have delivered. CFNMSecret.com melds many different niches into the CFNM niche. That is why this site will most likely dominate this niche as all of the other Reality Kings sites have dominated their own niches in the past.

In the gallery above they blended CFNM with glory holes. Each week they create their own special blend of porn as only the Reality Kings can. Along with glory holes you get wide asses and big tits too!

In most of the CFNM Secret episodes you get lots of Cosplay (costume play) with ladies wearing nursing, flight attendant, slut police and many more costumes than I care to list. Often the MILF babes are wearing lingerie you only see in porn.

All of the CFNM Secret videos can be downloaded to your own computer or streamed online. The videos are available as one big download or in smaller clips. Finding the best CFNM Secret episodes is easy. Every episode is voted on by the members and you can even tag the clips so you and others can find specific scenes you want to see across multiple episodes.

When you join CFNMSecret.com you get access to 25 of the Reality Kings best porn sites. Many of these sites have been open for years, some since 2001. All of the sites feature 100% exclusive content shot just for these sites. Take the tour and find out why the Reality Kings are the Kings of Reality Porn!

Posted By Rhino on 10/30/07 - Bookmark SexReviewed
Big Tits Teen
Guys Get Fucked

Alright… It has been a while since we have updated on a regular basis. Something I hope to change here at Sex Reviewed. So it is now time to blow your mind

Guys Get Fucked… One of the strangest, yet highly erotic web sites I have come across in a long time. Obviously this web site caters to the guys that either got caught and punished or simply don’t get punished enough and therefor need an outlet.

In the free videos above and below you get to see a guy looking into a womans under things. After he is caught she decides to punish him for his curiosity. Sure having a dildo shoved into your mouth isn’t the first thing you think about when your are masturbating but look on the bright side, it is covered in her pussy sauce!

Big Tits Teen
Guys Get Fucked

Each and every week a new guy is fucked and/or paddled. No female domination fantasy is left untouched. There is the overly aggressive she-boss, the probing nursing assistant… the list goes on. Many episodes hit on the clothed female naked male niche and in others the girls get naked and strap on a monster sized dildo.

Guys Get Fucked videos are available in both MPG and WMV formats and broken down into clips and one large file. You can download all you want and watch even after your membership is over.

Are you man enough to handle the girls at GuysGetFucked.com?

Find More

Guys Get Fucked

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Posted By Rhino on 07/25/06 - Bookmark SexReviewed
Pure CFNM Boy Caught

Every guy has had a fantasy of getting caught in the act of jacking off by a girl. At Pure CFNM you can explore those fantasies all over again.

CFNM stands for Clothed Female Naked Male and this site is all about guys being made to get naked or getting caught naked, jacking off or having the girls jack him off. I swear the Internet just gets better and better as time goes on!

In this episode of Pure CFNM a girl and her friends catch her brother naked and jacking off to porn. At first they think it is hilarious but curiousity weighs in and pretty soon they want to touch his penis. After that they want to see what it looks like when he shoots cum. Lucky guy!

Unlike most other CFNM sites out there PureCFNM.com has exclusive content and regular updates. The guy running this site is a fanatic about CFNM and that is awesome because it means he brings that passion to his site.

CFNM Pics are put up as soon as the shoot is over on Tuesday and the CFNM videos are encoded and put online on Friday. Plus members get access to the PureCFNM.com forum where more pics are added by the owner and other surfers. I guess you could say Pure CFNM is all about helping hands… pun intended!

The best part is that this guy listens to his members and gives them exactly what they ask for. That means you can request a scenario and if others think it is cool, you can expect that he will use it in a future update!

The cost is a low $24.95 for 30 days and rebills for the same. For the level of service PureCFNM.com gives it is a bargain at any price. I give this site 2 thumbs up and a 92 out of 100!

Find More Pure CFNM!

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