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Posted By Admin on 08/30/22 - Bookmark SexReviewed

In fact, silicone and TPE are produced in the adult industry very much, they both have common and different points, thanks to, which has been engaged in the production of sex dolls and sales for more than 10 years, for providing us with the information. After reading this article you will make a better choice when buying a full body size adult sex doll.

The same points of silicone and TPE: no irritation to human tissue, non-toxic, no allergic reactions; in contact with body fluids as well as tissues in the process can maintain its original elasticity and softness, not be degraded, is a fairly stable inert material.

Advantages and disadvantages of silicone in sex doll materials: Silicone processing and molding is easy, easy to carve the shape, no internal holes. Silicone can withstand temperatures of up to 300 degrees. The disadvantage of silicone is that the molding cycle is relatively long raw and materials are expensive.

In terms of silicone sex dolls feel, silicone toughness and elasticity are very good, not easy to permanently be deformed by external forces, and the feel will feel smoother. Non-toxic, tasteless and colorless, harmless to the human body, while the general counterfeit silicone products are difficult to achieve these results.

TPE material sex dolls advantages and disadvantages: TPE is an environmentally safe material, can be used for adult products, tableware processing, etc. Warm water and ordinary soap can be cleaned, but not high temperature cleaning. TPE for sex dolls is a super soft material, the price is relatively cheap than silicone.

TPE is environmentally friendly soft material. The hardness of TPE can be adjusted to be softer than silicone, which is an ideal raw material for the production of adult products. Some formulations of TPE adult products may be a little sticky feeling, but also a certain smell, and uxdoll doll promotion of super realistic Premium TPE Sex Doll is a good solution to this problem.

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