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Posted By Admin on 11/01/22 - Bookmark SexReviewed

First. What is A cup TPE sex doll, is it solid or hollow?

If you want to know how it feels to use a realistic TPE sex doll, first we have to understand how sex dolls are, sex dolls are different from inflatable dolls, they are solid and not hollow. A cup TPE sex doll is usually made of TPE/silicone and has a real 1:1 ratio of human being. Height from 140cm sex doll to 171cm sex doll.

Second, how realistic is A cup TPE doll?

The current dolls have been able to achieve the appearance and the real person is not too different, premium TPE sex doll skin tone glossy and delicate, better than the real person’s skin.

Three, Is A cup TPE doll cleaning trouble?

Good brand, high quality sex dolls, easy to store, and also easy to clean.

Four, Is A cup TPE doll flexible?

This is also the standard for evaluating how it feels to use a realistic sex doll, a good sex doll is very flexible in use, the body has a mechanical support inside, can meet a variety of sexual positions, feel the real experience of ML.

How does it feel to use a skinny sex doll, but also to see if it has an automatic heating design, like uxdoll sex doll body temperature can reach the same body temperature as the real person, enough realistic. There is even a vibration sensor in the small abdomen as well as voice to make exciting real-life interactive sounds.

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