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Posted By on 11/12/10 - Bookmark SexReviewed


Shane Diesel is one of the hottest up and coming big cock having sites today.  Although he has been around they have done some tweaks to his sight which has made it much more enjoyable.

One of the biggest difference is they are promoting him as Mr. 10 inch, I believe his big cock is 12 inches.  But that sounds fake so saying Shane Diesel is probably a smart move.  The other big difference is the quality of the chicks he is destroying with that jack hammer of his, there are a lot of cameo appearances from porn stars and internet sensations.  

I chose Janae Kay for two reasons.  The first doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I chose her because I thought she was kind of plain and actually a little ugly.  She looks like a chick you or I would pick up at the bar, when you have been drinking she is the finest piece you ever saw.  The second reason was this picture, I think it is hard to argue against that When you see that ass up in there for Shane Diesels big cock. 

So get in your one handed surfing position grab the stick shift and go take a ride at Shane Diesel today, even if you don’t join there are a lot of quality samples that will get you to your final destination.  Just expect a lot of down shifting which could be painful but still gets you where you are going.   

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