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Posted By Rhino on 07/22/13 - Bookmark SexReviewed


This young cutie is awesome. She is only 20 years old and ready to party like a rock star. When she took off her tights I was surprised to see she has a full tuft of pussy hair. Normally I like my girls shaved smooth, but on her it just fit somehow. She looked so naturally beautiful with that pussy hair that I looked past it to focus on her tight pink pussy hole.

With you will find a lot of surprises. Not the, oh my fucking God kind. I am talking about the, Holy fucking shit, sweet(!), kind. The girls are un-contemporary. A delightful mix of exotic qualities that present themselves in a variety of ways.

Live Filthy is also known for their vast array of free webcams. Girls in this network enjoy talking to guys and being friendly. I sweet, sweet change from those other networks where the girls aren’t only skanky, but bitchy as well!

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