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Posted By on 06/10/10 - Bookmark SexReviewed


Be hypnotized by Hypnotiq at Black Booty Invasion, she has a pretty face that looks even cuter when she takes it Anal and has that pained distortion to her eyes and cheek line. 

Yes Ok, I agree I study to much into it.  But I like having that personal attachment to the model, while I am having that personal attachment to myself.  Now the majority of the woman at Black Booty Invasion have more vivacious curves, and for lack of a better term big phat asses.  But I saw Hypnotiq and could not believe my eyes, Barbie has a black doll.  Now you grow up thinking Barbie is what you are supposed to fuck so I want to fuck the black Barbie.

Cum to Black Booty Invasion and experience what a black booty can do for you, don’t be afraid of the junk in the trunk, just look forward to more cushion when your pushing.  Corny I know, but true so there.

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