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Posted By Rhino on 09/06/06 - Bookmark SexReviewed
Cheerleader Auditions

All right its September and that only means one thing if you are a man. Its time for some football, thats right so many people wait for just this time of year, its the time where all the guys start there fantasy football and it means that sundays are for football not church.

We do watch football but most of the time its to see those hot ass cheerleaders on the side lines in short skirts and small tops. They also have to try out for that team but they call it cheerleader audtions. Well I found this site that gives you access to some cheerleader auditions and not just any auditions these are some triple x rated shit, dont believe me just take a look at Courtney.

Courtney wanted to be head cheerleader so bad that she gave some good head to the coach at She took his spirt stick and road it like the true whore she was. It is some good shit if you like to see hot teens in cheerleader uniforms getting fucked. This almost reminds me of that movie Bring It On, its all about freaky teens doing that cheerleader shit, check it out at So if you like Bring It On then you will like

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Posted By Rhino on 09/05/06 - Bookmark SexReviewed
big cock teen addiction

I guess when Savanna Stern said yes to doing she thought it would be just another big cock site. Boy oh Boy was she wrong. Big cock teen addiction is not your average big cock site. For one the only deal with teens like Savanna and not some washed up porn star.

Savanna loves her some big cock as much as the rest of the teen whores on It is a must that these whores are big cock loving whores if not then they will have big issues.

You See Savanna has only one problem, and that is that big black cock right infront of her pretty young face. If you dont like to see young fine teens getting fucked by huge cocks then is not for you, but if you sign up with them they also give you access to 20 other reality sites featuring 2,000 hours of movies and clips, they also do daily updates for the price of 1. .

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Posted By Rhino on 08/19/06 - Bookmark SexReviewed
boubble butt bonanza

God dam…any time your ass swallows your underwear like that it can only mean one thing. That your ass is so big that it belongs in bubble butt What you did not know is that red string on and around Vanessa’s ass use to be a thong, with time her ass streched it out to a g-string.

Bubble butt found Vanessa and her phat ass walking through her college campus and being the pimps that they are at they got Vanessa back to there place.

You see its not that hard to find girls with fat asses like Vanessa at your local college, shit now a days most of the bitches at college have nice asses and they usually hit there slut phase when they are away at school and away from there parents and stupid boyfriends who think that a long distance relationship can actually work next thing you know they show up on sites like bubble butt, what stupid fucks they are.

It’s a proven fact that all you need is some alcohal and a camera and these bitches will do anything just check out, you will see all kinds of sluty college bitches doing any thing for some attention.


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Posted By Rhino on 08/17/06 - Bookmark SexReviewed
Raven Riley Fleshlight

Who the fuck is that and what is she holding?

That sexy Latina babe is Raven Riley and she is milking that mans cock with a Fleshlight. What is a Fleshlight? It is only Gods gift to man when God realized he screwed up so bad on women.

The fleshlight is the hottest selling male sex toy ever created. It is also the first male sex toy of its kind. It is so fucking weird that you have to have one just so you can say you have one! The inside can be ribbed, knobbed, etc and the outside can be a pussy, a mouth or an asshole. This thing is universal man, if you are straight, if you are gay, it doesn’t matter! You can even choose shades of color to match the race you want to think about!

Now a bit on Ravin Riley. Raven came onto the scene in late 2004 and immediately had the competition shaking in their boots. With a steady climb in 2005 and 2006 she is now the 3rd most popular internet model on the planet. Not bad considering her competition had anywhere from two to four years on the net before she arrived.

Ravin updates her content every other day. She currently has over 303 picture sets available. She has so many because she often updates them everyday for weeks at a time. Raven has 133 videos and ads new videos once a week, again sometimes more. is a hardcore amateur pornstar site and a softcore solo model site all in one. She blows cock, licks clit and masturbates, often all three in the same week. Raven is very active in her website and its promotion. She is always touring the USA looking for events where she can get naked or as reveiling as legally possible.

Members of can talk to Ravin on her forum and read her blog entries. Ravin also does webcam shows with sound each and every week. She loves to masurbate, have lesbian sex and occasionally fuck a lucky guy during her shows.

All in all I’d give Ravin Riley a 10 out of 10. This girl does everything right!

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2 big to be true

Fuck now that is a motha fuckin mouth full right there, its almost to big to be true. In fact it is 2 big to be the site that gives you more then a mouth full. Just take a look at Alex’s face the teen did not know what she was in for. specializes on getting teens like Alex to take big cocks and suck them like they were big sticks. The funny part is that when the guys at found Alex and asked her if she wanted to play with some big black cock she never thought it was that big.

Alex is the type of girl that always thought that 7 inches was huge since she never had a black dick. She had always fantasized about feeling a big black cock deep in her pussy so when she got the chance to take on the guys of she was all over it.

So come on by and check out Alex and her sluty friends take on the huge cock monsters at 2 big 2 be

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Posted By Rhino on 08/09/06 - Bookmark SexReviewed
massive cocks

Hey now, that is one hot bitch with a huge black dick in her. On massive there are tons of hot bitches getting fucked by huge cocks of all colors. The only requirement is a guy with a huge dick willing to fuck hot whores.

I dont know whats crazier the fact that some bitch seems to enjoy massive cocks or that that the guys on massive held job interviews for a secretary and ended up finding some random whore that was willing to do what it took to get the job. On massive you find all kinds of shit like this. has so much shit on there site that they were voted #1 Big Dick XXX site on the net. It also helps that they have over 350,000 pics of sluts getting fucked every which way, they also add 10,000 new pics a day. Shit they even do live sex shows 24/7 for all of you who are home doing nothing on a saturday night. So come on by and check out massive

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Posted By Rhino on 08/08/06 - Bookmark SexReviewed
swallow this bitch

When Kelly met up with the guys from she knew what she was in for. You see just look at the the name of the site swallow this, that should tell you everything about what they do and what kind of bitches the get.

What the bitch Kelly did not know is that the guy she was blowing was going to be such a horrible shot. Shit just take a look at the pic. Kelly did her job and gave him a good blowjob. Well at least she just got some on her cheek and not in her eye.

Swallow this is fucking crazy you think that’s all about girls sucking some dick and the guy busting the nut in the bitches mouth. Well guess again the guys at swallow this bitch are some sick fucks. Dont believe just check it out they make a hot bitch suck some dick then they try to figure out how to make the bitch eat it.

In one video they get this asian bitch to suck on 3 cocks then they cum on a chocolate cake then proceed to feed the bitch the cake, which she enjoys. In another video they get this other slut to suck the cum out of a milk shake glass through a straw. That is the kind of shit you will find on swallow this


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Posted By Rhino on 08/03/06 - Bookmark SexReviewed
BlowJob Quickies Reily

Now that is what I call a money shot !!!

The whore taking that cum on her face is Reily, she enjoys having man juice all over her pretty little face. BlowJob found Reily at the local coffee shop drinking her hot mocha on her lunch break. You can tell she is a hot little whore but you know what they say about hot bitches. The hotter the bitch the lower her self-esteem is.

So being the guys that they are the guys at exploited that flaw and ended up getting her to leave with them and go back to the pad and proceed to give one hot and quick blow job. You see I enjoy a hot whore giving a good blow job as much as the next guy but the things I enjoy the most is are the blow job quickies that I get.

The reason the blowjobquickies are slightly better then getting that one that takes so long that you finally say " hurry the fuck up" . You can get a quick blowjob as you take your date back to her place, theres nothing like speeding while you got some hot bitch sucking your dick.

You see the reason you know that bj is a great site is that it belongs to the meat members network. So when you join blow job you also get acess to 40 exclusive websites and get this you also get over 1.3 Million MBs of Video that is a lot of fucking video and the price is just as crazy. You can sign up and pay as little as .67 cents a day, fuck even my broke ass can afford that shit.


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Posted By Rhino on 07/31/06 - Bookmark SexReviewed
18 inches of pain

Look at that smile on Jenny’s face, we call that a kool-aid smile cuz it goes from one ear to the other. You have to admit it takes a certain type of girl to take a cock that size and still smile while she is getting fucked.

The odd part of this pic is that the site I found it on is called not 18 inches worth of smiles. But I guess if your a white whore that loves huge black cock then you would take that one eyed monster with a fucking smile.

On 18 inches of you will find nothing but the best hadrcore videos of young white sluts getting fucked in every hole, by the biggest black cocks on the net. They also update there shit like clock work so you get new shit to watch regularly. Not to mention that as soon as you sign at 18 inches of you get 36 FREE BONUS SITES !

When you become a member you get access to over 700 dvd titles and memberships to all sites in there network will remain valid for the entire life of your full membership.

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Posted By Rhino on 07/26/06 - Bookmark SexReviewed
my busty girlfriend kate

Ah yes nothing like putting your cock between two big breast. You see my busty is all about taking girls with nice size tits and have guys fuck the shit out of them.

I had this old girlfriend that had 36 D size breast and man I use to have tons of fun with those funbags. Something about a girl with big tits that always makes them want to show them off to anybody willing to check them out.

I remember we were at my buddies party and he was having a wet t-shirt contest and my buddy told her to enter and she asked me if it was okay and I was like sure why not its more money for me and she said she would suck my dick and swallow when we got back to my place so fuck it why not.

Needless to say my busty girl friend won that shit with out a doubt. I got my dick sucked and got some cash. Another thing about fucking a girl with more then a mouthfull is that they love it when you squirt your man juice all over there huge tits. has plenty of girls rubbing cum on there huge melons and its less then 1 dollar a day to join so why not spend the money you would normally spend on super sizing your meal at some fast food place and watch some hot big cheasted whore take a load in the face.

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Posted By Rhino on 07/25/06 - Bookmark SexReviewed
Pure CFNM Boy Caught

Every guy has had a fantasy of getting caught in the act of jacking off by a girl. At Pure CFNM you can explore those fantasies all over again.

CFNM stands for Clothed Female Naked Male and this site is all about guys being made to get naked or getting caught naked, jacking off or having the girls jack him off. I swear the Internet just gets better and better as time goes on!

In this episode of Pure CFNM a girl and her friends catch her brother naked and jacking off to porn. At first they think it is hilarious but curiousity weighs in and pretty soon they want to touch his penis. After that they want to see what it looks like when he shoots cum. Lucky guy!

Unlike most other CFNM sites out there has exclusive content and regular updates. The guy running this site is a fanatic about CFNM and that is awesome because it means he brings that passion to his site.

CFNM Pics are put up as soon as the shoot is over on Tuesday and the CFNM videos are encoded and put online on Friday. Plus members get access to the forum where more pics are added by the owner and other surfers. I guess you could say Pure CFNM is all about helping hands… pun intended!

The best part is that this guy listens to his members and gives them exactly what they ask for. That means you can request a scenario and if others think it is cool, you can expect that he will use it in a future update!

The cost is a low $24.95 for 30 days and rebills for the same. For the level of service gives it is a bargain at any price. I give this site 2 thumbs up and a 92 out of 100!

Find More Pure CFNM!

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Posted By Rhino on 07/24/06 - Bookmark SexReviewed
Fast Times as NAU Tiffany

OK, I am going to go out on a limb and say that Tiffany here from Fast Times as NAU is the reason college even exists. I am probably wrong and I have been before but in my heart I know I am right and that is what is most important! Well, that and Tiffany’s fine ass. is a sexual exposè into the horny desires of its coeds. As a member you will have access to a mountain of videos and pictures so you can follow along with the sordid affairs that take place there.

I am a big fan of watching female coeds having their first lesbian encounter – ever, but you might enjoy the students fucking their teachers or having love triangles of a sexual kind. In some cultures they are called threesomes. What ever your tastes desire, Fast Times at NAU has it.

The considerable amount of content at and the easy navigation give this site an 8.5 out of 10. And if things couldn’t get any better than this, you also get access to 10 more websites the Naughty America peeps run. They cover a wide range of niches but two stand out in my mind, My Sisters Hot Friend and My Friends Hot Mom. Two fucktabulous fantasies every guy with a pulse and a dick have had atleast once or twice or twenty.

Find More Fast Times as NAU!

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Posted By Rhino on 07/23/06 - Bookmark SexReviewed
Big Ass Adventure Petra

So when a girl with a huge ass like this takes up the whole frame of a pic what do you call it? I gift from up above cuz good lord thats a lot of ass.

Meet the sweet Petra, the guys at big ass found them selfs a jewel. Petra is a girl with a abnormally big ass and for some reason she always thought it was a bad thing, how fucking funny is that.

Its weired how some girls think " fuck I have a big ass I need to hit the gym to loose it" those hoes just dont know how precious a girl with a big round ass is. brings you nothing but top notch girls with big asses. They look and look for those girls with that perfect hour glass shape, there not like most sites that show big asses that belong to fat chicks. No sir not here.

Find More Big Ass Adventure !

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Posted By Rhino on 07/21/06 - Bookmark SexReviewed
Massive cocks michelle

Holy shit is it me or does that massive cock look like something out of a freak show. Only a brotha can have a huge cock like that right.

Look at Michelle she is like holy shit, how am I going to get this big dick all the way down my throat. Well that is easy Michelle is a cock loving whore so no matter you know she is going to take that massive dick and enhale it.

The cock in pic belongs to the legedary Sledge hammer. He fucks hot bitches on massive, he fucks them to the poin that these poor whores need a doctor afterwards. has all 100% exclusive videos of huge cocks fucking hot babes. It has over 10,000 monster cock pictures sets, they add big cock videos every week, shit they add 25,000 new pics a day that is a lot of tight pink pussy getting fucked by a massive cock.

Find More Massive Cocks!

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Posted By Rhino on 07/21/06 - Bookmark SexReviewed
Pigtails Round Asses Tia

Wow look at Tia slurp up that cum what a trooper. Nothing like a nice blowjob from a hot teen with a round ass the best is when you cum all up in there mouth your just like ah fuck ya.

Tia has always had an oral fixation she loved to stick things in her mouth so the guys at pigtails round decided to let her enjoy a big cock in her mouth to satisfy her obsession.

Incase you have not noticed Tia is half black and I bet you probably already know what half is black. Thats right it has to be that big brown booty. She is a the type of black girl I would fuck she is the perfect combination not to dark but black enough to where she is a teen with booty for days. loved Tia so much that they have her on the cover page, shit I dont blame the guys just looking at that perfect shaped ass gives me a hard on. You dont believe me just check it out at pigtails round

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Posted By Rhino on 07/18/06 - Bookmark SexReviewed
Busty and Real

Oh ya nothing like a hot brunette licking her 36 E size breast. Ya thats right those are 36 E not 36 DD which I think is good enough, but who am I to complain about a little extra. I know we all love to get a little extra any time.

This is Cory Everson and she and all her other friends have huge tits that are 100 % real breast not that fake plastic shit that some sites try to sell as all natural. is the best place to find big chested girls because they are all hot and I mean hot.

Most sites have girls with huge melons but with those huge melons come the face that only a mother can love and not to mention the body you can’t tell where the tits begin and the rolls end or even worse which are the tits and which are the rolls.

So save your self some time and money and come by and check out busty and, the site that only gives you hot sluts with chest 36 DD and bigger nothing smaller then that.

When you sign up for bustyandreal you also get 10 sites for free not to mention they update everyday not once a week like most sites do.

They even have a new site called Big Boobs Pass its a site that gives you access to 5 other sites for the price of one that is a breast mans dream if you ask me.

Find More Busty And Real!!

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