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It looks like another girlfriend pissed off her boyfriend because she was just submitted to WatchMyGF.com.

Watch My GF is the worlds hottest user-submitted porn you will ever see. They have videos and photos of everything from drunken party girls to girl on girl action. Every photo and video you see on Watch My Girlfriend is 100% amateur and is submitted by everyday members and guest.

They even have pictures and videos that were submitted by boyfriends that found out their girlfriends were cheating on them. So they took revenge and found every nude photo or video they had of them and submitted them for your enjoyment.

So check out WathMyGirlfriend.com if you are tired of seeing scripted porn and want raw and uncut porn.

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Its been a while since I have been miniature golfing but after seeing the episode with Angie Savage on AzianiXposed.com I might have to go soon.

I found Angie Savage and other  hot babes showing their tits, ass and pussy in public on a site called AzianiXposed.com. It is all about getting to know a totally different side of your favorite Pornstars. See the hottest Aziani babes being sexy, silly, and wild in their every day lives.

At Aziani Xposed their models show you just how naughty and fun they are away from the photo sets that they normally have. Check it out I guarantee you will not find anything like AzianiXposed.com any where.

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Sasha Von

I do a ton of reviews and over the years that has translated into viewing a lot of pussy. It isn’t often enough that I find a nice tight pussy like that of Sasha Von.

Between her legs Sasha holds the answers to a lot of the world’s dilemmas. I am sure with her tight pussy Sasha could cure cancer, bring peach to the Middle East and solve worldwide famine.

Unfortunately for the real world Sasha Von has decided to ply her pussy’s natural ability to solve the world’s blue balls crisis over the Internet. I guess if the Iranians are as hypocritical as any other race of religiously fanatical people that came before them, they are probably spending a lot of time at SashaVon.com. So, theoretically, Middle East peace might be closer than we ever imagined!

While Sasha Von looks like she was air dropped into America by way of Scandinavia, she was born and raised here. She was blessed with some good genetics and believe it or not, a brain. Sasha is no fool and she knows that sex sells. She is using her site to make it through college and go into fashion design.

I have a feeling this hot babe is going to quit school and do this fulltime. She is that hot!

For you, things are just heating up. Sasha is partnered with a network of teen sites. Take the tour and check the bottom of the page for the details!

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Meggan Powers is one of those special kinds of teens. No, not because she spells her name is an extra g. She is special because she is one of the few solo models that sucks cock! And… does it so well!

This brunette has some nice pert small tits and a very tight pussy. Watching her try to fit a dildo into that tight cunny of hers will bring you back to those times when you were banging chicks so tight you had to finger bang them first to loosen them up.

Like most horny girls Meggan Powers masturbates a lot. Perfect because it means there are plenty of masturbation videos to watch. Each one of them is unique because she masturbates so many different ways! Shower massager, bath faucet, fingers, dildos, kitchenware, you name it, she’s fucked it!

Tons of girls masturbate and give blowjobs. Meggan Powers on the other hand isn’t like other girls. Meggan likes the taste of cum and she doesn’t mind swallowing!

Meggan-Powers.com is updated several times a week. This girl is going to be around a long time. Shouldn’t you be watching her blow cock instead of reading this dribble?

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Who is Miss Bella Bellini? She is a hot piece of ass with a remarkable body. She is the girl next door and she loves to masturbate with fingers and toys while guys watch her. She even likes girls!

This is good because it means you get more than just one hot piece of ass to look at!

Miss Bella Bellini enjoys modeling. She dresses up in hot outfits with satin panties and half cup bras before stripping down and masturbating. She loves wearing pantyhose and teasing the cum out of you with them.

It is obvious Bella loves to get naked and she loves to be in front of the camera. She updates several times a week with new pics and videos. Along with the scheduled pics and vids she also updates with candids, behind the scenes and does two web cam shows. Sometimes three!

Tired of solo model sites with contract models that shoot three months of content, get fired and the updates go to shit? Miss Bella Bellini owns her site, produces the content and isn’t going anywhere. Her diary entries are her own, not some 500lbs gorilla. The girl on girl action is real. Not staged. Not Playboy channel softcore!

Take the $2.95 two day trial. Cancel online if you are not satisfied. You have nothing to lose and some new eye candy to gain!

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When it comes to public nudity, real masturbation, panty stuffing, hardcore insertions and real squirting orgasms, no one beats the ladies of FTVGirls.com!

FTV Girls stands for First Time Video Girls. It also stands for very high quality. Unfortunately the screen caps are not doing this site very much justice. Inside the members area you will find full, uncut versions of the videos described in this review. Most are over 100mb in size with some topping the scales at over 300mb.


Why all of that data? When you have a smoking hot model, perfect lighting and high definition cameras you don’t want to shed pixels for quicker downloads. Lets face it, we are all on high speed connections now and we want those pixels left in. What you end up with is every nook and cranny of a girls tender pussy showing up on video!

Sweet video! The FTVGirls masturbation videos are some of the most sought after masturbation videos ever created. These girls show you their own personal techniques and switch things up a little by trying some very large dildos on for size. The largest dildo in the FTV Girls arsenal measures 10 inches in circumference!


Besides for masturbation the FTV Girls are well known for public nudity. Not only do the ladies show you what is under their skirt in some very public places like restaurants, hotels, business parks and such but many of them masturbate right out in public too. Some of the girls even have lesbian sex, licking each others pussies in crowded parks with pedestrians and cars going by!

If you have never been to FTVGirls.com now is your chance to watch hundreds of hot babes do things you only dreamed of seeing them do. Be sure to take the tour and watch the high definition video samples on their site. They give you a much better sense of the clarity than the videos provided in this gallery.

Don’t just stop at one! Each girl has a very high definition video sample so move around a lot and make sure to check out Alexa. I could fuck her petite blondness for days nonstop! But, when I want big tits and green eyes, Danielle is the one for me.

And the list goes on… and on… and on…

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Do you ever get the feeling like your paying way to much for porn?

Well if you said “Yes” then I have a way for you to get access much porn as you can handle, with out spending a boat load of money.

It its called the All Inclusive Pass and it gives you access to 16 exclusive sites. They have every niche you can think of and shit you didn’t even know was allowed on the net.

With your All Inclusive Pass with you get your regular stuff like Big Tits, Big Butts and Big Cocks. If you are into softcore they have solo model sites with the hottest teens you will ever see.

If you want something a little different they have a site called Mother Daughter Fuck. The name says it all, it is all 100% Real, with 100% Amateur Mother Daughter Action.

Every week this insane mother and daughter who want to make some extra cash hit the streets in search of guy to fuck. This site is going to make you do a double shot when you check it out.

They also have great hardcore sites like Hardcore Delights. They feature the hottest girls getting fucked in the ass, double teamed, double penetrated and even gang banged. If you think it they do it on this site.

So check out AllInclusivePass.com today and see what I am talking about.

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The busty teen playing with herself is just one of Josie Juniors Friends. Who is Josie Junior you ask?

Well Josie is your average teen who loves to get naked and show off in public, she has tons of friends that she met online that are just like her. So she decided to start a site and called it Josie And Friends.

On JosieAndFriends.com you will find that all of the videos are of Josie and her friends pleasuring themselves in different locations. You mostly get the girls alone but every once in a while you will get a little girl on girl action.

One thing that you will not find on JosieAndFriends.com is a dick. So if your looking for some hardcore action you might want to check out my other blog Cockasourus its full of hardcore sites.

So check out Josie And Friends today and let her introduces you to all of them.

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Have you ever been a Neighborly person? I can not say that I have. But if I ever get any new sexy attractive neighbors like Sarah Vandella, I surely would find any deeds I can think of to get to know her. I would be so neighborly people would mistaken me as her slave instead of neighbor.

With NeighborAffair.com the concept of getting sugar from your neighbor will take on a whole new meaning. Tons of neighborhood fun that is guaranteed to make you more social.

Especially when all our Neighbor Affair girls are more happy to reciprocate the good deeds they have been given. With appreciation gifts of dirty lustful actions to our hard throbbing cocks.

The NeighborAffair.com videos and picture sets are added weekly and that is not all. Members of Neighbor Affair also get access to the 22 site Naughty America Network.  Add it all up and you get multiple updates on a daily basis.

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Kacey is a young blonde beauty who came to us eager to be in porn. So she comes in to a Pure 18 interview and after some chit chat about her insatiable appetite for cock, we got down to business. She pulled out her big fat juicy shaved camel toe pussy. It was enough to make any cock hard and mouth water. So after some masturbation with her fingers, Kacey gets introduced to Billy and his huge dick. She gets to work on it and gives a great blow job. Follow that with some great pussy licking and hardcore fucking and this update is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

At Pure18.com that is what you get. Sexy naive looking barely legal teens that are to ready to show off their very young pure innocent looking bodies on camera but are not because their hardcore talents is far from innocent.

Check it out for yourself on Pure18.com. After you take the tour, continue for 3-day trial $4.95. The best deal of them all 20+ sites like Cumfiesta, Milf Hunter, Big Naturals, 8Th Street Latinas, Round and Brown, to name a few, for the price of one is $24.95 a month.

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YES a porn site for us Voyeurs! Here at HiddenCameraTapes.com these people are no actors and have no idea they are being spied on. So if you ever fantasied about being a fly on the wall and see and hear what others wanted to be private. With Hidden Camera Tapes that our website possess. We can peep into peoples sex lives right now!

Click on the links and preview some privacy violations and take advantage of a membership with HiddenCameraTapes.com and have access to a huge voyeur archive.  You can even send your own voyeur hunted tapes by contacting our site by e-mail, click on the Hidden Camera Tapes tour page and click on the submit video link.

Come be a member of HiddenCameraTapes.com the hottest hidden cam amature sex action on the web.

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Bree Olson Tiffany Brookes

I have been in the porn business now for quite a few years. Five to be exact. Sure it doesn’t sound like a long time relative to my age but, relative to the Internet’s age it is an eternity. In that time I have seen a lot of web sites come and go. I have seen a lot of nobodies try to become players and end up busting out… in debt and totally humiliated.

Today’s story isn’t about things that go wrong or people that hit rock bottom. This story is about a guy who can seemingly do no wrong. A guy that was designing sites for others and finally decided to strike out on his own.

Everyone knows a porn site has to have good looking chicks to be successful. Sure, you can have a few dogs here and there… If you are updating weekly it is hard to find hot chicks every week. You have to put something up… so a dog or two do get in once in a while.

But this story doesn’t have any dogs in it. This story is about the newest site to hit the net. It is called Stunners and as the name suggests, it is packed with hot babes and only hot babes. How this guy managed to get a name like Stunners.com with no real money I have no idea. Maybe he has been sitting on it since 2001? Who knows and who cares, right?

Stunners is jam packed with the hottest babes in porn. Girls like Bree Olson and Tiffany Brookes above are just the tip of the iceberg. Take the tour and you can see what I mean. I counted seventy Stunners on the models page and I swear this guy has every babe I ever jacked off too!

This guy has to have hot babes. Everything on this site is shot in high-definition from the photos to the videos. The girls have to be impeccable and they are. Each model has several photo galleries and most also have a video or two. There is nothing like watching your favorite porn stars getting banged to ease the sexual tension.

So if you are tired of sites that are not delivering for you when it comes to the babes category, get a Stunners.com password and clear your calendar!

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Who says the girl next door doesn’t exist? I have found a web site full of them! Plus they have the girls you only dreamed of getting. All in one convenient location.

Since the name doesn’t spell it out for you, I will. Yes, Nips and Clits is full of big tits and tight pussy, but the majority of guys that get a membership here are looking for the masturbation. Loads and loads of solo girl masturbation. Fingers, dildos, vibrators, you name it, they are putting it up their vaginas! Nothing is too kinky… or too big.

The images at NipsandClits.com are 1500×1000 so they capture every last detail. You can count the bumps on her nipples or the folds of the folds of her pussy. The videos are 640×480. None of that grainy shit here, everything is crystal clear.

The girls range from your next door types with little or no prior modeling experience to the ever-so-hot professionals like Laura Lion and her huge tits. Members also get access to bonus sites. I am not talking about that bullshit feed stuff either. I am talking about real sites with their own exclusive content.

Grab a Fleshlight and some oil and join the ladies at Nips and Clits!

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Sure the video is grainy. That is because the video is real, as in, guys send in videos of themselves having sex with their real ex-girlfriends! What better way to burn the bridge than to put her on the internet acting like a hotel heiress?

Not all of the video quality is this bad though. Some guys actually know how to shoot their homemade porn with adequate lighting and a quality camera. And no, cell phones are not quality cameras in case anyone is asking.

Is it legal to post a video of you and your real ex-girlfriends banging on the Internet when you break up? Fuck if I know! But I do know one thing for sure, watching candid video of everyday chicks giving it up, often knowing they are being video taped, is one hell of a turn on. Because they know they are being video taped most of the girls try to copy what they have seen in porn videos. Some of them do an excellent job too!

A bonus for joining RealExGirlfriends.com is that you get access to their whole entire network. They run twelve websites and you get access to each and every one of them. The niches are all over the place… ass 2 mouth, handjobs, lesbians, virgins, MILF, drunk party chicks, boobs, booty, throat banged and more. It is simply impossible to get bored with this membership. Plus with all of those websites you are getting updates on a daily basis.

The time where you bought a membership to just one website is gone, say hello to a new era in porn!

Find More Real Ex-Girlfriends


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Girls Hunting Girls Brooke Moni Coco

If looking at Three Hot Girls French Kissing doesn’t give you instant wood, then you have to be gay. These 3 girls having sex is my definition of a three some, not 2 chicks and a guy.

Just imagine 3 beautiful women rubbing, grinding, licking, sucking all while they are dripping wet because that is exactly what you get to see at GirlsHuntingGirls.com.

Each week they challenge 2 new girls to hunt down a girl on the streets that has never had a lesbian experience and try to get her to have one right there for you. It has set itself apart form all other lesbian porn sites out on the net right now by giving you the highest quality video possible and exclusive content.

These girls do whatever it takes to try and sack another girl. They will tell her anything just to get their tongues against that tasty clit. It never fails either.

So if you have an appetite for pussy like these ladies do, then you will enjoy Girls Hunting Girls.

Find More Girls Hunting Girls!

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Lovely Anne Teen Masturbating

Well, Anne isn’t exactly a small tits kind of teenager but she certainly is lovely when she masturbates!

There is nothing wrong with teen masturbation but for some reason moms always seem to want to catch you in the act so they can bust you and tell you how wrong it is. Even though mom did it when she was a girl. Dear ole’ hypocrytical Mom!

I like Lovely Anne’s big tits because they are natural. If I am going to sway away from small tits, they might as well be naturally big tits. Anne’s mellons also have some kickass tan lines. I wish more models kept their tan lines, they can be so alluring.

Lovely Anne has been online for almost two years now and during that time Anne’s face, body and tits have managed to look just as young as when she started.

LovelyAnne.com updates three times a week with new photos and videos of this naturally large breasted and quirky teenager.

Anne’s quirkiness is her most dominant and refreshing quality. I can never tire of seeing her blonde locks and blue-green eyes, cute button nose and youthful smile.

Even if you do need a break from Lovely Anne, you get access to four of her friends! But hurry, the offer won’t last for ever. So, lock in your ability to have plenty to look at!

Find More Lovely Anne!

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