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Posted By Rhino on 02/16/07 - Bookmark SexReviewed

The beauty that is about to try and swallow that huge cock is Veronica Vega and the only place you kind find this young hottie is on big cock teen addiction.

On all the teens are addicted to 12 plush inches of dick. These girls all feel that you better not come with anything smaller then 10-inches because they will send your sorry ass back home. All their life they were deprived of that huge man meat so when they finally got a taste they were all over it, now that’s all they want.

The biggest cocks in porn pounding the pussy’s of pretty petite teens is what you will see at big cock teen addiction. They have so many different teens on the site they could have opened up their own all girls school. They have red heads, blondes, brunettes, they have Black, Asian, White, Hispanic if you can think about it they have it.

Looking at the different teens it’s almost like your looking at the yearbook of an all girl school in your area. They have all original teens fucking big cocks in videos and even have exclusive digital pics of the teens. Join today at and you will get access to 20 of the webs best reality sites. With that comes more than 2,000 hours of WMV streaming movies and all of their sites are updated daily with new original and exclusive movies.

Find More Big Cock Teen Addiction!

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Posted By Rhino on 02/15/07 - Bookmark SexReviewed
HomeTown Holly Panties Outside

If your dick isn’t pretending to be the Empire State Building at this very moment, you must be gay. This here is an exposé… My first.

I am talking to a buddy of mine named Gunner and he is bouncing all over the couches telling me I am not going to believe this. I ask, “Did Tom and that Katie Holmes chick lose their baby?” And he is like, “NO! What gave you that idea?” And I am like, “Ohh, the couch bouncing thing. I thought it was a hint – a Tom Cruise impression.”

As it turns out, I am shitty at charades if you didn’t already know and Tom and Katie still have a bun in the oven. No exposé there.

No this is about Hometown Holly. The girl above that gave you the woody that I just turned soft with all of this talk about Tom Cruise. No, she isn’t having Tom Cruise’s baby. She is going to be in Stuff Magazine!

BTW, if you don’t already know about Stuff Magazine you are a fool. But you don’t need to be a fool any longer. Go to the local news stand and get a copy.

So be the first to join Hometown Holly at! This way when your friends say, wow, she is fucking hawt-ahhhwww… You can say you fucked her (figuratively speaking of course). Or you can just be witty and say, “Been there, done that…” or even, “I already Stuffed her…”

No matter what your motives are, just get into and start expressing them immediately. OK, I am done. You can have your hardon back…

And click here => Katie Holmes – To see Katie naked! Nice tits! I have to say, I had no idea her naked tits were that full! Amazing!

Click here for more of Hometown Holly

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Posted By Rhino on 02/14/07 - Bookmark SexReviewed
Jen Madison

Happy Valentine’s Day from and!

OK, you have probably heard of the girl nextdoor type, but perhaps the mom nextdoor type is new to you. Jen Madison is the hey-mother-do-you-want-another from nextdoor.

One of the best parts of is that no matter how technically advanced she gets, her website still has that amateur appeal. Notice the grey background on her galleries and her websites pages. So 1997.

Jen makes a great MILF nextdoor because she still has a rocking body, a sexy pussy that doesn’t look over-worked and a face that is average, but plenty doable in makeup. Pretty much solid wifey material. You want her to be just fuckable without makeup for yourself (and hopefully no one else) and then Dr. Krane’s wife from Cheers when she fixes herself up for a night on the town (again, hopefully with you included).

This lady loves to make videos. Piping hot and steamy videos of a hardcore nature (there are a few softcore ones too). She loves to dress up in them and theme the sexual acts (sometimes based on members input). She plays a mean Bat Bitch, a sexy Birthday Princess, a smoking fetish whore, a cute Christmas Helper, a big titted secretary and many more.

Videos are now shot in both WMV/HD for broadband users and WMV for modems. Plus there are MP4 versions available for IPOD and PSP users too!

Everything is categorized for easy navigation. They have to be, this lady has a ton of video footage! As I said before the categories range in everything and can be summed up as schizophrentic role playing. Which means a lot of something for everyone.

Jen Madison

Jen has the moves of a pornstar. She is nice and loud, but unlike pornstars, she doesn’t overplay it. This is the real deal here. When she orgasms, she moans and screems (I hope you remember to turn the sound down)!

The picture sets at Jen Madison are also categorized and come in two flavors. The first is your standard 1024×681 (or so) and the second is the super gigante 2304×1536. You can litterally count her eye lashes. If – they weren’t so full of a sticky money shot goo that is.

JenMadison performs 100% free live webcam shows for her members. This woman really aims to please. These are hardcore shows, not those "pay me some extra cash to see my pussy," bullshit ones other models put on. Real, hardcore, live cam shows.

Jen and some of her friends have live 24/7 cams in their homes too. There are over 20 homes with the setup so it is a good chance that someone is having sex in at least one of them when you want to watch it.

In addition to all of that, you get to interact with her and other members in the forums, her blog and also get access to bonus sets from her friends websites too. And, if you prefer a more private experience with Jen, you can schedule a private cam show as well.

With the amazing archive of content this MILF has and the twice weekly updates, a monthly price of $29.95 is plenty justified. I personally give a 5 and I hope you will do the same!

Find More Jen Madison!

Posted By Rhino on 02/13/07 - Bookmark SexReviewed
Mariah Spice Big Tits Latina

Did you hear the news?

There is a new spice from Mexico that is supposed to make you feel 10 years younger and increase your stamina to that of a cheetah!

OK, so those projections are a bit lofty, but hey, so are her boobs!

Everyone say hello to Mariah Spice, the new latina sensation with natural D-Cup tits!

Mariah got into modeling when her best friend Bella Spice found out she had just turned 18… and therefor became barely legal! Sure she was nervous at first but after a few shoots Mariah became known as "The Natural," and not just because of her big tits. updates weekly with new videos and photos of this soon to be Latina Legend. Currently Mariah gets topless but you know how that goes… A little prodding from us members and the next thing you know, she is taking the plung. I think it’s funny how Internet models come out acting innocent but we all know they masturbate. You don’t take your clothes off publicly by being a prude!

Like the rest of the Spice Girls, Mariah Spice is shot in high definition with attention to detail. In a break from tradition, you get access to Bella Spice for free when you join Mariah Spice now! Get your credit cards out boys, tonight is going to get hot and spicey!

Find More Mariah Spice!

Posted By Rhino on 02/13/07 - Bookmark SexReviewed
Rakhees World Indian Goddess

If you have spent anytime on my teen blog then you should know by now, I enjoy beauty. Rakhee is a friggin Indian Goddess of Beauty!

Personally I am not usually into Indian girls or Asian Girls. I am not really sure why. But there have been the exceptions to the rule and Rakhee is one of them. I’d be so fucking honered to take her home to mom and pop!

Her website, just got a new face lift and additional upgrades like her new forum. Traditionally the Indian culture is all about pleasentries and service. Now you can give her your pleasentries and she can better service your needs. It is a win-win!

Rakhees World is updated weekly and if you didn’t notice just by looking at the picture from her free Rakhees World Gallery above, this chick is gorgeous and the photography is a work of art.

This isn’t your grandaddy’s porn there, son!

If you have never experienced the beauty that Indian girls hold dear, then you definately need to get into the only Indain teens website I have ever joined!

Find More Rakhees World!

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Posted By Rhino on 02/11/07 - Bookmark SexReviewed
Raven Riley Fleshlight

So I am trolling along the internet looking for something that is Rhino’s Girls worthy and come across this gallery of Raven Riley giving a tutorial on Fleshlight usage. And I am thinking…. PERFECT!

Why so PERFECT? Well because the Fleshlight is God’s gift to man. You see, after God fucked up by plagueing man with women, God wised up and gave man a Fleshlight so he could get pussy without all of the extra baggage.

What if you don’t want pussy, maybe you want a blowjob? No problemo my friend, just switch out the vagina top with the mouth top and you are good to go.

Don’t have anyone to think about while you are shoving your cock into a Fleshlight? Well, why not get yourself a membership to the teen solo model site and watch her video on Fleshlights?! Like I said, PERFECT!

Never heard of Raven Riley? Shit, you must be in Siberia. Raven came on the scene right around Thanksgiving in 2004. She had one goal, kick ass and chew gum and she ran all out of gum right around Christmas that same year. In 2005 she basically kicked every solo models ass and in 2006 redefined what it means to be a teen solo model entirely.

Raven Riley hasn’t been open for two years yet and she already has 302 sets available. That means she has been adding new galleries every two days. That is a busy schedule but like I said, this girl is commited to being the best.

Currently Raven has 131 teen videos. In them Raven masturbates, has lesbian sex, gets fucked and Raven Riley even sucks dick. This isn’t one of those softcore no boobs, no ass, no vaginal shots websites. Raven Riley ranges from softcore sets to hardcore sets to very hardcore sets. The themes range from cheerleader teasing to nipple clamps and french maid outfits to giving a guy the best blowjob he will ever receive in his life!

Hey, like I said, PERFECT! Now get your Fleshlight and tell your wife to take the kids and visit grandma, it is time for daddy to have some fun!

Find More Raven Riley!

Posted By Rhino on 02/11/07 - Bookmark SexReviewed
Dream Kelly Beach Pics

WTF? Do you need a signed invitation or something? She isn’t hot enough for you? Affraid she will laugh at your penis? Don’t worry, she is to inexperienced for that and doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.

For those who are uninitiated in solo girls sites, this is Dream Kelly from, you guessed it, I don’t know anyone in their right mind who would kick her out of bed. Check out the Dream Kelly Beach gallery and see what you have been missing.

Dream Kelly is everything you would want in a teenage girlfriend. She is young, sexy, smart and above all, hotter than everyone elses girlfriend that you know!

You can get access to Dream Kelly’s 5’4″ frame, weighing in at only 104lbs, by joining her site, Not only is there a 3 day trial option for $2.93 but you also get access to 80 other websites, 8 of which are solo girls!

Click here for more of Dream Kelly

Posted By Rhino on 02/10/07 - Bookmark SexReviewed

If I had to name a site that best describes what Cockasourus is all about I would have to say that would be it.

You get to sluts like Cytherea getting every hole they have stretch to the point of tearing, it’s crazy what these sluts are willing to do just to have a huge black cock all up in them.

This site is 100% all about Big Cocks that do some serious pounding on some of the hottest bitches on the net. The sole aim of is to make high quality movie content for you the viewer. Their film’s are available in two versions the first is full length and the second is 1 min clips.

When you become a member, you get access to 19 other sites with that membership. They also give you the option on their DVD’s whether you want the full length or the 1 min clips. All of their sites including Big Cocks are updated at least twice a week and new sites even more then that.

All of those great features and amazing options are what makes is a Cockasourus favorite.

Find More Big Cocks!

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Posted By Rhino on 02/08/07 - Bookmark SexReviewed
Glory Hole Boys

All you have to worry about is… who is looking in tha window?

Fuck it, close that shit up and hit me laters!

Dude… seriously, this shit is gonna get your ass kicked. So please, shut the windows up and hit me up when you are sure you’re are alone.

You have to throw on your fine linens for this one…

OK… This is something we have to keep on the down low... OK.. perhaps you can let it all out and jump out the window but fuck... I need to keep you on the downlow if ya all don’t mind.

I know you don’t mind that shit at all.. So what am I asking for? That sweet and nasty, guishy stuff…. Me and the are gonna have you wondering, "Why did I act so straight and play the new world order? Fuck-em!

You can’t deny me…. So hit me up at the Glory Hole Boys bitch and give in to what you have known all of your life.

Find More Glory Hole Boys!

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Posted By Rhino on 02/08/07 - Bookmark SexReviewed
Bailey's Room Boat

OK, I am going to have to say this… If I was to be marooned on a boat out in the middle of the ocean… well.. fuck… I’d hope it was Baily giving me that look!

What look? Fuck! Am I a hamburger or a hotdog in her eyes? I dunno for sure but I do know one thing… this shit is going to be tantalizing.

Hey, lets face it. If you are gonna be marooned on a boat with a barely legal chick it might as well be one that makes everything intersting. For me, that girl is Bailey.

Her real name? Hardly not…. but who gives a fuck… do you think Tiffany from last nights blow job got her beginning sucking cock or was it the luck of the draw?

Surely it was the luck of the draw and our luck, as fate would have it is that we are ship wrecked with a psycho-bitch.


So who is Bailey and what in the fuck is Bailey’s Room? Well, partner, that is where you want to be when the storm comes in. Face it, we all want to fuck someone when the power goes out. Shit… You never know when the end of the world is going to happen… unless you go to church… and since we don’t… It is better to have a fuck buddy like Bailey around at all times. Call it an insurance policy. updates weekly so we will neve be left in the dark. And… as if bon-jebees, as-if Bailey isn’t the consumate girl nextdoor, barely legal fuck buddy from down the way!

So what do you have to lose? Hmm.. $29.94 of your hard earned cash? Fuck it! Is what I always say… Better to hit up Bailey then a bitch I might knock up and pay for life on..

Hmm… one month or a whole entire life… yeah… Baileys Room, here I come!

Find More Baileys Room!

Posted By Rhino on 01/31/07 - Bookmark SexReviewed
Slut Seeker Violet

So I was surfing the internet trying to find a great site to review for all of you out there when I came across Slut Seeker. My first thought after taking a quick look was that this was going to be another one of those Gang Bang sites because of the fact that there is always the same two dudes taking advantage of some poor slut in every episode. After a closer look it turns out that could not be any further from the truth. is all about these two average Joes, who are very much like you and I. Those guys place fake Help Wanted Ads to lure Hot Women who are desperate for some cash into setting up an interview and when they come in they tell the girls that they are looking for a glamorous professional sales women for a high paying position. She must me outgoing, self-starter, extremely organized and the most important one is she has to be willing to do anything it takes to close the deal.

The crazy part is that the dudes are not hung like porn stars, in fact they are far from it, one of the dudes looks like he just finished shooting a commercial for Rogaine because most of his hair has fallen out and the other dude looks like your buddy from work.

If these two regular guys can get laid my by so many hot women, then you and I should be able to. Check out some of their previews of the interviews as they happen live and when you decide you want to see the whole episode instead of watching the 40-second trailer over and over again then join up. Its only going to cost you 3 fuckin dollars for 3 days that is a dollar a day, even my unemployed ass can afford that, so would you rather waste those 3 dollars on some fucking Hamburger and fries or watch some hot slut get fucked like there is no tomorrow on

Find More Slut Seeker!

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Posted By Rhino on 01/16/07 - Bookmark SexReviewed
Fantasy Hand Jobs Peyton

Just looking at the pic you can tell that Peyton has just finished another great Fantasy Hand Job. I can not think of any thing better then having a hottie like Peyton milking your cock.

I’m telling you the feeling you get when you have a hot slut on her knees looking into your eyes while she spits on your cock to get it wet and then rubs it as hard and as fast she can to get you to cum all over her is second to none and that is just one of the reasons we have decided to add to SexReviewed.

The fact that they have by far the best content when it comes to Hand Jobs and its 100% exclusive so you will not find Peyton on another site providing her services doesn’t hurt either. They also have so many girls on there site that it would take you days just to get through the first half of their content. The assortment of girls on the site is also mind blowing, they have everything from the shy girl giving her first hand job to the sexy little slut that can’t wait to get her hands on a cock so she can treat it like it’s the last cock she will ever have. If you can think of her, they have her so check it out.

Find More Fantasy Hand Jobs!

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Posted By Rhino on 01/01/07 - Bookmark SexReviewed
Hot Campus Teens Jordan

All right all of you Sex Reviewed addicts, I have a new site called Hot Campus Teens for you all to check out and vote. I think you will like this one if you don’t then let us know and we will dump it.

Hot Campus Teens is all about amateur college hotties like Jordan that are talked into making their porn debut by group of guys that are on a mission to get as many of these coeds as they can to show everyone that they are studying for their PHD ( Phat Hared Dicks).

They pick up the Hot Campus Teens while the girls are studying or while they are hanging out around campus. They do a little talking and next thing you know they are behind closed doors getting it on. It’s actually easier then you think most girls in college are wild and love to drop their pants and spread their legs open for you, that is what makes this such a great site. These are your everyday girls not some used and abused pron star.

Since its kind of a new site there is not much content but there is still a very nice assortment of Hot Campus Teens on the site. They blondes, brunettes, redheads and many girls with different nationalities. That is why they can manage to bring you a new update every week. The content that they do have is of the highest quality so you will defenitly enjoy some nice hardcore teen videos.

If you’re like and don’t think that school is for you but still want to some hot tight bodies then check out, it is guaranteed to make you want to go back to school.

Find More Hot Campus Teens!

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Posted By Rhino on 12/29/06 - Bookmark SexReviewed
Gang Bang Squad Rickie

The brunette hottie getting into the vehicle in the pic is Rickie and I found her on The first thing that caught my eye is that G-String right above her tight ass. There is nothing hotter then a California girl with a nice tight beach body, that is about to do some serious cock sucking.

They guys found Rickie walking down the pier and asked if she had ever had four cocks at one time. Rickie laughed it off but when they brought out some cash she was all over it.

Next thing you know you get this picture of Rickie with a buffet of cocks right infront of her. The only thing left for her to do is to start sucking away.

Gang Bang Squad Rickie

At Gang Bang Squad you will find tons of girls to choose from, whether it’s a beach babe like Rickie, hot blonde or a fiery red head you can find them all there.

If you enjoy watching hot and sluty girls taking more cock then they can handle then you need to sign up at The best part is that when you do become a member you will get access to 60 other sites for no extra charge. That is a serious amount of porn even for a guy like me.

Find More Gang Bang Squad!

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Posted By Rhino on 12/28/06 - Bookmark SexReviewed
Twistys Jelena Jensen

Damn Jelena Jensen is one fine-ass babe!

And she isn’t fine because she has big natural tits that fill out a bra to its breaking point… She isn’t fine because her skin is flawless and her face is perfect… Or because her legs are long and her ass is like something out of this world! That isn’t why she is fine.

She is fine because she genuinely doesn’t know she is fine!

What? Go ahead, ask the question… What in the fuck are you talking about?

I am talking about that fact that she is fine because she has no idea how fine she really is. Think about it, you go to a bar and try to pick up a chick who knows she is fine and she is looking at you like you must be crazy if you think you are going to get into her pants. But Jelena is different.

You can see the difference at where she has quite a few photo spreads and some hot-hot videos. You can see it in her face… in her eyes and her lips… She is sitting there getting her picture taken and she isn’t even sure what all of the hoopla is about.

And there is a lot of hoopla when Twistys shoots your picture. Twistys uses some of the most well known photographers in the business. People who have worked with Playboy or Penthouse or Hustler or all three and then some. And it isn’t just the photographers either.

The lighting, the makeup, the hairdressers, set designers and everyone else who puts in quality work to get this level of perfection out of a shoot. Dedication… And Jelena Jensen is sitting there… like in a dream…

"Why are these people putting so much into this? The other kids thought I was fat when I was in high school and now they appreciate my fullness, my development… Why?"

Well, Jelena, because Twistys doesn’t just grab any girl off the street and put them infront of the worlds top photographers and do them up with the best makeup artists and hair stylists… has built its reputation on landing some of the hottest babes with the sexiest bodies the world has to offer!

And YOU, my dear, are one of those babes!

Find More Twistys!

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Posted By Rhino on 12/20/06 - Bookmark SexReviewed
Thugs and Juggs Stacy

Here is another great site from the guys over at the OC Cash Network. It is the internet’s first interracial/big tit site, they have nothing but 100% natural juggs that are getting rapped around some of the biggest, blackest cocks on the net.

At they give you exclusive updates all the time and each of their episodes are approximately 60 mins long and of the highest quality. You also get tons of pics so you can browse through to find the movie you want to download.

If you like to see big soft melons moving up and down and swinging side to side as the girl gets some big black man meat shoved deep into her pink little pussy then without a doubt you need to join Thugs and Juggs.

The best thing about being a member to is that you will get access to the entire OC Cash Network. They have 29 great sites and they are constantly adding new sites to it.

Get ready because you’re about to get so much porn that you are going to need to take a vacation from work just to get started.

Find More Thug And Juggs !

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