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Posted By Admin on 07/30/17 - Bookmark SexReviewed

A lot of people find history boring. A lot of people fall asleep during history class. They think that any story of somebody who lived a long time ago, who did something in the past, is essentially worthless.

You’re thinking to yourself, I live in the here and now. This is my life now. What the fuck does George Washington have to do with how I have to pay the rent today? What the fuck does Martin Luther in the 1500’s have to do with me getting a job now? I understand where you’re coming from, but if you don’t pay attention to your personal history, you are doomed to repeat it.

Unfortunately, history plays out in such a way that when the first time it comes, it’s a fucking tragedy. Really. You cry, and then you’re pissed off, and you go through all sorts of bullshit. But the next time you see it play out in your life, it comes off as comedy. Seriously.

As the old saying goes, "Fuck me once, shame on you. Fuck me twice, shame on me." In other words, if you see shit coming and you just bend over backwards and allow yourself to get fucked like a two dollar whore, then you really have nobody else to blame except yourself. You saw this happen in the past, but you refused to learn from it. Who the fuck is the idiot now? Do you see how this works?

So if you are struggling with anything in your life, whether it’s getting better jobs, getting promoted, doing a better job, getting along better with people that matter in your life, or in this case, milfs dating, you have to pay attention to patterns.

You have to understand that there are certain patterns that your mind goes through and that you often engage in a certain automatic behavior. Learn from these. Anticipate their effect on the decisions you make. If you’re able to do that, you would make better informed decisions and you might get better results. That’s how simple it is. History is a very important. Learn from the past.

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Posted By Admin on 07/25/17 - Bookmark SexReviewed

Looking for something to pass the time over the weekend? I got you guys covered, well more to the point VRSmash is going to do all the hard work for me. They have all the latest and greatest VR sex movies to watch and best of all the quality of them is fucking amazing. It’s good to see a porn tube like this that just focuses on virtual reality sex, with how popular it’s getting it doesn’t surprise me that this has happened.

With so much action on offer don’t be at all ashamed if at first you feel a little overwhelmed looking at all that hot pussy. Just take things nice and slow, take your time looking through the xxx sex and make sure you make the moment count when it’s time to empty yourself all over those smoking hot sluts.

The variety of the content here is another thing that makes me happy. If I’m in the mood I can watch stunners like Dillion Harper going for it in a full-length blowjob movie, or just go for gold and fill Billie Stars ass with a huge cock. It’s all about choice and that’s something that this vr porn tube has plenty of!

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Posted By Admin on 07/23/17 - Bookmark SexReviewed

This gets you access to an entire network of kinky sites that will leave your dick hard, and give you the exhilarating experience that it’s OK to let your freak flag fly. Let go of your inhibitions and dive cock first into all of your naughty fantasies!

With sites that range from Milf and Gilf porn, on to fetishes such as feet, fisting, water sports, and much more, there is plenty of kink to go around, and your darkest desires truly come to life on screen. No matter what it is you’re looking for, the models are all still top-notch beauties and the videos are all amazing quality so you will get premium clear crisp content, it’s only filthy in nature.

This is a discount pass, so if you’re thinking of joining, I would go ahead and take that leap. The material will always be excellent, but the savings doesn’t always stick around forever.

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Posted By Admin on 07/15/17 - Bookmark SexReviewed

escort in Minneapolis

I’ve always led a pretty simple life, I didn’t grow up with fancy things and I sure haven’t had any expensive cars. I sure wouldn’t change it for the world as its taught me to like what I have and not expect anything more. I do like to treat myself every once in a while and I think its something that we should all do. Our busy lives never leave us much time for ourselves and if you live alone like I do you can feel isolated from the rest of the world.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been having regular dates with this escort in Minneapolis and I must say things have never been better. This girl is all class and she doesn’t mind making sure that you get at least some of the attention. Taking her out to dinner while every man is looking at you really gives that confidence a boost. She also has a very infectious smile, it lights up the room and just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

You can expect her to be outgoing but at the same time she can also be quite reserved when it’s needed. After a night on the town taking her back to your place to get a little privacy is a must. Chat the remainder of your time together away or maybe if you’re lucky enough she might want to spend the night. Give yourself a treat and make sure to book this Minneapolis escort for a discreet meeting!

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Posted By Admin on 06/11/17 - Bookmark SexReviewed

What Do Players Know About Looking For Sex That You Don't Know?

Have you ever come across a player? Have you crossed paths with an o-g pimp hustler? Now, I know I sound like a rap record, and I’m sorry. I don’t want to sound like Snoop Dogg or 50 Cent or any other rapper, but seriously, if you want to get pussy, you need to start thinking about the process of looking for sex like a pimp. Seriously.

Pimps are men who make it their profession to find women and fuck them and sell these women to other men. They sell pussy. That’s what a pimp does.

Of course, we’re not talking about slavery here. These women do it voluntarily. This is not about trafficking. But pimps are all about convincing women to sell their pussy and keeping all that money.

What the fuck do they know about looking for sex that you don’t? Why are these guys, many of which look like piles of shit, get to fuck so many women while you’re at home, all educated, making a lot of money, and there you are, watching porn and jerking off?

Well, listen up. These players are not smarter than you. In fact, a lot of them are fucking dumb as a box of rocks. Seriously. The reason why they have turned the art of looking for sex into some sort of predictable science that you can slice and dice with a statistics program, is that they are focused and are using . That’s all it is.

When you look at a cat and you see how efficient it is in fucking catching rats, it’s not because the cat is a super genius. Actually, the intelligence of a cat is much lower than the intelligence of a pig.

The reason why cats are such efficient hunters is because they reduce everything in their line of sight into a black and white affair. In other words, am I going to catch it or am I not? Is it prey or is it not? That’s how pimps think.

When they’re looking for sex, they’re always sizing up women and they’re asking themselves, is this chick ready to be pimped? Is this chick going to spread her shit and let me fuck her and let my customers fuck her? They’re always rating women that way.

So I’m not saying that you should traffic chicks, I’m not saying that you should be a pimp, but you should think along those lines because when guys are out looking for sex, they spend a tremendous amount of time and emotional energy on women who, in a million years, would never even let their dicks come close to them. Do you see how ridiculous this is? So start thinking like a player and look at the statistical probability and let that be your guide.

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Posted By Admin on 06/01/17 - Bookmark SexReviewed

A buddy of mine was asking me why I never use those hot Porn Discounts to access premium xxx sites. I didn’t really have an answer for him and it got me think why don’t I. You still get access to everything that a regular paying member does, all the features are the same but you just don’t have to pay full price. I guess you could think of it like those meal coupons where you get 20% off your food or even better deals.

All of the most popular sites have them, but unless you know where to look it can be a little confusing on what the best discounts to porn are. After a little searching I’ve managed to find a really good site that lists updated porn deals without the hassle of searching around for hours to find them.

Without a doubt Brazzers is one of the top networks of porn. They have 1000’s and 1000’s of xxx videos and only the top pornstars. Even if you’ve never been a member here you can bet that you’ve seen their hardcore movies even if you didn’t realize it at the time. ZZ Series is one of their sites and it’s got some really awesome xxx reality sex. The best thing about using this ZZ Series discount pass is you also score a bonus pass to the full brazzers network! So, the next time you see a good looking discount to porn maybe you shouldn’t hesitate, just grab that offer and let that cock of yours have some fun.

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Posted By Admin on 05/01/17 - Bookmark SexReviewed

My review today is for BoxTruckSex – mostly because I want more people to know about it, so the site can do more and more updates! This hardcore sex in public porn site has become one of my go-to websites, and it’s at the point where my browser remembers the URL for me if I start to type in just a few letters. I’m definitely on it every day.

The fact that all of the videos are in high-definition is a huge point for me. I have an nice computer set-up, so I want to be able to maximize all of my porn videos and watch all of the close-up details just like I was there myself. With the good camera angles and fantastic up-close pussy shots, it’s really like I’m just a few inches from tasting that wet pussy – or having public sex.

There’s also the fact that they let me see every girl from "start to finish". I watch as they scope out a hottie to talk to, and as they convince her to step in the truck. It continues as they chat her up and convince her to start strip off layers. Of course, it gets much more erotic, and I love when she gets on her knees to give a blowjob – or when she’s opening up her legs for fucking! It’s just impossible not to shoot my load multiple times over one video.

You’re going to fucking love it, basically.

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Posted By Admin on 04/14/17 - Bookmark SexReviewed

I must admit, I didn’t start out my perverted life out as an ass-man. I loved and still love girls with huge tits – boobies all the way! But[t], in the last few years, the anal porn out there has multiplied exponentially as the genre has gone from obscure gonzo shoots to smokin’ hot, and I’m right there lovin’ the action. I guess you could say I ‘snuck in the backdoor’ when it comes to joining the anal fandom. My favourite anal scenes range from first-timers to MILFs who already have nice plump asses and juicy buttholes that are quite familiar with the sensation of a cock squeezing inside. Lately though, I can’t get enough naughty backdoor lesbian action – seeing two girls rim and finger that puckered rosebud makes me cum like crazy.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a new place to enjoy your anal fixation, you can watch some great anal xxx tubes online for free. There’s so much content that it’s maybe a bit overwhelming to behold at first, but you can search by many different categories and subgenres to narrow things down and find exactly what you want.

Since this site is made from user-submitted uploads, you can expect sometimes multiple anal updates per day. I was pretty stoked when I logged on after lunch today and saw the best of both worlds: a naturally busty girl getting drilled in the ass. Talk about afternoon delight! And equally delightful: this site is always 100 percent free with no obligation to become a member or do anything other than watch and jerk off. If you do opt to join the community though, it’s free and you can also access the hot chaturbate network of cam models who are eager to take your backdoor fascination to a live private show. What’s not to love?

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Posted By Admin on 04/11/17 - Bookmark SexReviewed


I had a buddy come to me the other day and ask me how someone like myself is always hanging around beautiful women. At first I wasn’t going to give away that I’m using milwaukee backpage female escorts to get around with but I figured he needed all the help he could get. To make matters worse he’d just recently came out of a long term relationship and since his girl had moved on he wanted to do the same.

For guys it’s so much harder to meet women, a girl can just walk down the street and if they see a hot guy it’s totally on! It’s never going to be like that for us guys, well not unless we all look like Brad Pitt! Elite and affordable escorts provide that in-between action that a full time girlfriend can never give. If girls as beautiful as the stunner in the picture can’t help you get over you’re ex nothing will!

Make a booking with these girls right now and before you know it you won’t even remember what that ex girlfriends name is. Better yet make sure you know where she is going to be and make an entrance with a girl as smoking hot as this and she will be down at your feet begging for a second chance, but don’t you take that slut back now!

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Posted By Admin on 03/21/17 - Bookmark SexReviewed


What is it about the butt lately? Once upon a time, anal action was truly a taboo on the fringes of porn, and while the delightful ‘taboo-ness’ of it still exists, these days both the amateurs and the professionals have all embraced the butt. Even Cosmo is writing about girls giving and getting rim jobs, so if there were ever a time to brooch the subject with your sweetie about tonguing her rosebud, or taking away that last bastion of her virginity, it would be now. Lube up well and get in there!

Long time anal fans already know about brazzers and anything butt, and yet sometimes committing to a membership isn’t practical or desirable. Also, who has time to aimlessly surf the web when you are on the go and really need to blow your load on some sweet virtual asscheeks now?

Anal xxx tubes watch online may be the answer for anyone in need. This site has a super hot user-uploaded sampling of clips from the pros, or the latest in amateur action. All new videos are uploaded daily, so there’s never a shortage of variety.  Clips are available in HD or SD and vary in length, so you can stream on the go with ease. Not a bad way to put that new unlimited data plan to use, if I do say so! What’s more, videos feature a range of ages and body types – you can get a horny curvy milf taking it up the ass, or a tight little teen who’s brand new. Sometimes there is even lesbian anal action on the offering – and that, my friends, is smokin’ hot ass. It makes me wonder why for so long that delightfully tight hole with all its nerve endings has been neglected – but no more. If you love the butt, get over here now and stream for yourself.

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Posted By Admin on 03/13/17 - Bookmark SexReviewed


Nothing pisses me off more than someone or something wasting my time. It’s like they don’t think that I’ve got better things to do than be messed around by sites that are supposed to offer awesome “xxx” content but in reality it’s hardly even worth looking at. I thought it was going to be a case of déjà vu when I was offered this ThirdMovies Discount pass, surely I couldn’t be this unlucky?

It’s about time that I can finally admit that in this case at least I was not unlucky, if anything I was fucking lucky that I took the chance because this site is totally fucking wicked. ThirdMovies offers up a virtual smorgasbord of hardcore action that’s almost guaranteed to satisfy the most disconcerting connoisseur.

Right now they have over 2,600 pornstars that get it on in well over 7,000 totally exclusive scenes. The mixture of action is really awesome to see and it’s good to know there’s loads of frequent updates to keep guys like us coming back for more. They’ve also got over 1 million images and guess what? With that already discounted pass you get access to all their other sites as well!

I look at loads of so called “premium” sex sites all the time and like I said not everything is always as it seems to be. We take chances all the time, be it crossing the street, fucking a whore bareback! There’s no need to take a chance when you grab yourself access to the Third Movies network, it’s all good and it’s ready for you to enjoy right now!

You guys will be kicking yourselves if you miss out. Within a few short minutes that cock will be getting some of the hottest action it’s ever had and you know what…. with unlimited network access if you ever feel the need you can visit the other sites like and pleasure yourself with loads of cheeky girls!

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Posted By Admin on 03/02/17 - Bookmark SexReviewed


I think you guys would be so proud of me. You see last night I was watching this girls webcam strip show and she was such a stunning looking girl. It’s not like she didn’t know it, all the guys in the room were telling her in the free live chat that she was beautiful. But for some reason she wanted to hear it from me. I had a private cam show with her a few nights ago and even though I told her then that I thought she was hot, I never said she was beautiful and I figured for one reason or another she wanted me to say it to her.

I stood my ground though and even if I did think she was beautiful it’s not like she should have to hear it from me. It’s like when you’re watching the best porn video ever, you know it was fucking hot! but when you tell your friends about it they’ve got a top 20 list of the best xxx porn sex movies they’ve ever watched and they’ll certainly let you know it.

It’s just like the time I decided to check out a complete list of the top porn stars sites. It’s something that I’ve been trying to do myself for a few years now. You guys know how it is when you try doing anything, something just comes up or in my case you end up finding out someone else has a much better porno list then you do. It’s certainly not a bad thing by any means of the word. If someone else has taken the time and it’s actually good for you, why not? It sure beats spending hours of research when there’s already a good list of porn star sites for you to visit right now!

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Posted By Admin on 02/16/17 - Bookmark SexReviewed


I know it’s a little late in the night guys but trust me you don’t want to go to bed just yet. You won’t want to sleep alone tonight or any other night for that matter, and why should you? You’ve got to experience some action be it late at night or early in the morning with willing cam babes. For example the nice looking girl in the picture above just want to chat with a like minded man that’s always up for a little fun.

She is always staying up late and knows all too well how boring it can be when you can’t sleep but nobody is around to talk to you. Abey likes to think of herself as a very approachable girl and she loves mixing it up with new people. It’s part of the reason why she first started exposing herself on cam. She loves the reaction she gets from both men and women. Of course the guys just want to see her tits and that sweet looking pussy and honestly she is fine with it.

She does the craziest things sometimes. Like the other night I was chatting to her on cam and out of nowhere she leaves the room only to come back wearing some rather revealing lingerie. She gets up nice and close to her webcam, blows me a kiss and then starts dancing all around her room. It was fucking hot and funny to watch, not only that she also started stripping as she was going for it.

It’s girls just like her that always make watching free live cams so much fun. Not only do you get a little company when you need it the most, you get it from some of the sexiest looking babes online. Now I’ll take that over being alone any day of the week!

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Posted By Rhino on 01/29/17 - Bookmark SexReviewed

Girls do porn discount (2)

This hot babe answered an ad for swimsuit models. Little did she know that she would be doing porn instead. But that is how things work at A site that boasts hundreds of videos featuring hundreds of amateur girls who get tricked into giving it up for a few grand in cash.

The real beauty of this site isn’t just that the girls get poked and prodded by some well hung studs. No, it is that the guys end up making these sexual nubiles do things they never thought they would do. Things like balls deep anal and some ass-to-mouth. Girls getting throat stuffed with cocks slathered in their own anal juices!

But wait, there is more!

You can get into Girls Do Porn with a discount from the folks at Porn Discounts UK. You don’t even have to live in the UK to enjoy this discount. It is good worldwide, granted you don’t like in some fucked up country.

Enjoy and make sure you bookmark us for more discounts!

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Posted By Admin on 01/28/17 - Bookmark SexReviewed


I never thought I’d be the guy that said looking at girls having sex all day long can get just a little bit tedious. Honestly it’s times like this that I’m glad I like trying new things. When it comes to trying out the latest in sex you can’t go past the smoking hot action you get from virtual reality porn. VR sex is something that’s really hard to describe, it’s like you have to try it out for yourself to see just how good it is.

Getting yourself a virtual reality capable headset is what you want to do first. Once you’ve got that it’s as simple as going to a site like VR Hump where you can start watching all the xxx action that your cock can handle. Once you’ve experienced porn this way I doubt you’ll be able to get off without watching virtual reality sex again. Just make sure you don’t take it too easy on those girls, trust me when I say they’re there to pleasure you in as many ways as they possible can.

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Posted By Admin on 12/23/16 - Bookmark SexReviewed


I think you guys are going to thank me later once you’ve watched all the smoking hot action that we’ve got for you live on cam. We’ve got younger babes, older stunners, lesbians, couples, and if you like something really kinky you can even see trannies live on webcam. I love it when you can visit just the one site and get almost everything that you could wish for, now that’s what keeps me coming back for more.

I bet I’m not the first guy to tell you this cam babe right here is moist and ready for some loving. All the action is ready for you to check out right now, you can cheer along with the girls as they tease themselves all over, or you might just prefer to sit back and just enjoy yourself without using the free live chat. These girls can’t wait to show off their skills to you so lets not keep them waiting!

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